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Becoming a mother didn’t just change my heart, soul, memory function, and wrinkle-free complexion; it changed my closet.  I was prepared to completely alter my lifestyle, but I don’t think I realized that my clothes would forever be different as well.  I had sexy clothes BC (before child), but as a mom, those same clothes seem inappropriate for chasing and bending and picking up and wiping.  I realized that I needed to ditch the clothes, but not the sense of style.  So for me, that meant that I have had to redefine sexy.  And it started with my shoes.

Gone are the days of the three-inch wedge.  Gone are the days of the flirty, sky-high peep toe pumps.  Sexiness can no longer be found at an elevated height.  It’s time to get grounded.  But cutting off my heels doesn’t mean cutting off my style.  It’s time to usher in the age of the Sexy Flat.

Enter my fetching flat, found here and here in a million colors.  Why is she sexy?  First of all, there’s toe cleavage.  I’m telling you, toe cleavage is the new side boob; when you hear about it you grimace a little, wondering how this typically cloaked part of the body could be appealing to the eye, but when you see it tastefully and purposely done out in life, you find it oddly exhilarating.

Secondly, the flat is sexy when you can find either embellishments, bold print, or BOTH.  These flats fit the bill.  With the embellished T-strap, my foot is free to be both flirty and comfortable—comfort being a requirement of motherhood footwear.

Thirdly, these flats go with everything.  Today, they are perfectly topping off my leather jacket (here), making my all black ensemble pop.  Without the jacket, they elevate my casual T-shirt (here) and jeans (here in white) weekend look.  In short, just because I’m pounding the pavement chasing after a rambunctious toddler, doesn’t mean I have to leave my style back in my closet at home.

These flats make an all-black ensemble pop.
I mommed all morning in these babies, and they were super comfortable.
Erinn flats
Check out Erinn’s adorable Zara flats (similar shown here) as she grades papers in my office.



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