A Midi Movement (Or The Death of The Yoga Pant)

Ok, so when I use the word death I am being a little dramatic, but let me say this—as someone who has made yoga pants synonymous with pants, I think this calls for a flare of drama. Since my son was born almost two years ago, my collection of what were once only workout pants has begun to consume more than just a tiny corner of my closet. They are everywhere. They are hanging on the back of my bedroom door, they are strewn across the chair in the baby’s room, they are under the bed, they are just THERE, beckoning, calling to be on my body, for me to shed whatever binding clothes I had squeezed into during the day. And on the weekends? Well…yoga pants are my second skin on the weekends. And I’m ok with that. As a mom, I know I’ll be chasing around my toddler and sitting on the ground most of the time and really no other wardrobe choice makes this effortless.

But with summer right around the corner, I am giving myself a challenge. I want to shave my legs more than once a week ( or month, cycle of the moon, only for special occasions). I want my legs to once again feel the warmth of the sun. And so, I am ushering in a midi movement. I will leave the yoga pant hanging on the bedroom door and wave goodbye to the comfortable ease of their stretchy fabric. The midi dress will become my new yoga pant…sometimes.

I’ve always loved dresses. When I was young and fancy free, I wore dresses nearly every day. And many of them had hemlines that are cringe-worthy to my current self. For a while after my son was born, I tried to revive these dresses, but after an unfortunate incident involving a newly walking toddler and a used car salesman, I decided the days of the mini were behind me. But with the same amount of letters I am able to be a version of my former self, a reformed dress lover, a midi mom.

Let me make this clear—yoga pants will always have a place in my life, so it’s not really a death we’re talking about. I will always need my yoga pants when climbing into my son’s crib to soothe him to sleep (this really happens!). I will always need my yoga pants to couple with my glass of wine as I zone out to “Veronica Mars” after a long day of work, I will always of course need my yoga pants when I am IN actual yoga! But for now, the midi is helping to bridge the gap between the mini me and the mama me.


This dark green midi was perfect for bending and throwing rocks at the lake! The side vents added a little extra visual interest.  Love this one with the side piping too!


This black eyelet dress (old, but similar here) is easy and effortless for a day of chasing my toddler around the park! Great with my birks too!

Shop other midi options shown  here, here, here and here!


Shop my favorite go to yoga pants here only for emergency situations, of course 🙂

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