Being Wonder Woman

One of my all-time favorite things to do in the morning is lie in bed and sip my coffee, watching the news. I would look forward to this tiny pleasure each night when I closed my eyes after a long day of work or practice. This was my time. And after, I would leisurely put on my makeup and brush my hair and pick out an outfit for the day. Mornings were my friends. After work, I would come home, pour myself as glass of wine and unwind. Maybe a little SVU. Maybe a little Real Housewives. And the next day, repeat.

Times changed pretty abruptly, though, when baby came around. My days of coffee serenity—Gone.  Wine and relaxation—Gone. The time to transition from actual human to work mode and back again—Gone.  

Don’t get me wrong, the new normal is totally worth the loss of my SSB (secret single behavior), but it doesn’t come without a certain amount of internal raging once in a while. To calm these inner temper tantrums, I’ve simply had to learn new ways to transition from work to reality without losing myself along the way. One of these short-cuts I’ve cultivated is the ability to transform my work wardrobe to my mommy-drobe in a matter of seconds. 

When I get home from work, the heels come off(ok so I’m not wearing heels every day, but you get it), the hair goes up and it’s game time. Quite literally. Because of the necessity of ease, my shopping eye has changed. I now look for pieces that I know I can dress up to fit my work life and that can easily be paired down for an evening of playing dinosaurs with my 2 year old—without having to revert immediately to throwing on my sweatpants.

Accessorizing a simple dress makes for an easy transition once I get home and is still appropriate for work. Shop this look: Dress, forever 21//shirt, old but similar here //belt, loft // necklace, bevello


The second I get home, K is already taking off my necklace to play with him! Momma “off”!

Simply taking off the shirt and belt, made this dress perfect for enjoying the pool without missing a beat!

Maybe this is not the most important thing for a mother to worry about. Sometimes it’s all you can do to make sure your child is fed and bathed and ALIVE. But somewhere in the midst of all that is me and I need attention too. Being able to preserve my old self, in some small way, matters to me. I actually think it makes me a better mother.

My work life used to define me. All other aspects of my life revolved around the hours that I spent teaching, writing, counseling, planning and coaching. I loved it. I loved that the job forced me to invest my emotions, that is was so personal, that there was nothing more important than being an influence in the lives of my students. It will always be that for me.

But something else defines me now. Motherhood. Except I feel like I am still working on what this word actually means to me. Each day the definition shifts and changes in small ways and if being able to shift my clothes from one part of my life to the next like Wonder Woman gives me some small pleasure—I’m doing it! The truth is I cherish every second of being a mother and I don’t want to miss out on any second of it.

The coffee in bed will just be a water colored memory and the wine will just have to wait.

Shop other work transition ideas here:

love these dresses: lush, loft, and gap (easy transition from work to play) // Chambray shirts(a must have for a mom on the go): gap, splendid, and kendall + kylie  // Accessories: necklaces- forever 21, gorjana// belts- loft, anthropologie

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  1. I absolutely love this. It is so true. All my life I have worn nursing uniforms. Which meant changing was necessary the minute I walked in the door. Now I can wear whatever I want. I find myself wearing “comfy clothes that other people can actually see me in!”

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