To Grandmother’s

We took a road trip recently to visit the grandparents and it got me thinking about how grateful I am to have them around and part of my son’s life. One of my favorite things growing up was spending time with my grandparents and now as a mom I truly appreciate the role they played in my life. I am also beginning to realize that no matter how old I get, I will always want to play the child role with my parents!

As soon as I walk in, it’s as if I am in a time capsule…one where my mommy still takes care of me and I lounge around in my pjs all weekend (maybe this explains my wardrobe choice of the weekend—my romper is just a throwback to my responsibility-less days??) So maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration, but I do love being able to just relax a little bit and let my mom take the reigns with my son. It’s really fun to watch the way their relationship works. And for some reason, on this weekend, it really had me missing my grandfather. He’s the only one of my four GPs that is no longer here and being at Greek Fest (check out my mom’s umbrella!) had me wishing he got to meet my son and see me as a parent.

Being close to his culture also makes me regret the fact that I never really knew this side of him. I knew that he was the youngest of four and that he was the only one to marry against his parents’ wishes that he marry Greek. I knew that his mother came from Greece on a whim to marry a stranger. I knew that the olive in my skin came from him.  I knew these things, but I feel now as though I missed out on this important part of my family’s history. I don’t want that for my son. I want him to understand and appreciate all that makes him him. Italian and Greek. English and Irish. Being part of this small festival honoring his long forgotten culture made me feel a little bit closer to him.

All the eating and belly dancing aside, this weekend and even the travel leading up to it, makes me realize how truly cyclical life is. My mom is now the one who is living downtown, shopping and coffee-ing and spending her time as she pleases in retirement, and I am now the one with the family and work and responsibility. It’s funny how we have quite literally traded places. We are walking in each other’s shoes, in different phases of our lives. Never have I appreciated everything she did for me more than this weekend. I can’t wait to see how the cycle will continue.

Get ready for us Michigan!!

This romper (similar here) was a perfect travel piece. As soon as we arrived, we were out the door and heading to Greek Fest and this made for an easy (and comfortable) transition. I also like that it can be easily dressed up with some wedges for night time (but let’s be honest…I haven’t seen 10:00 in a loooong time!)

Two things I love about this pic- One…the A-mazing Greek flag umbrella my mom let me borrow and two…the fact that I am smiling away totally oblivious to the row of port-o-potties behind me! Classic! (See other Rompers I like below)

My favorite pic of the weekend! Three generations taking a stroll! Check out my favorite around town Birkenstocks here– so comfortable! K’s look: shirt- target//jean shorts- H&M (I cut them)//shark shoes- Vans

The next morning called for something a bit more casual, but still cute. These Lole black pants are an awesome alternative to leggings! Beyond comfortable. The rest of my look: Jacket, willow and clay//t-shirt, madewell

Home Sweet Home!!

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  1. Great blog. My American Gram lived with us. She was a fashionista ! She worked at the first stand alone women’s dress shop. She dressed up everyday and wore fabulous jewelry.

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