The Art of Matching (Without Matching)


Since it was a million degrees out, I opted for a simple denim dress with crisscross back to coordinate with the boys in their H&M denim and gray shorts.


I love casual t-shirts and jeans together! Effortless and easy to coordinate and still look like we tried! A great alternative to the standard white shirt/beach combo so often evoked for family pictures. Blue and gray work well together, as do creams and stripes/pattern.
These jeans make a simple tee look edgy, but still work for playing in the water at the beach without being too confining. Love these similar styles here, here and here.




If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be picking out my wardrobe choices based on what a 2 year old is wearing, I would have laughed in your face, but today it seems perfectly normal and even endearing. So I’m not talking about this kind of matching…

….Or maybe I am. Look how happy they are in their matching stonewash jeans and fringe?? Who wouldn’t want to have this sense of family unity? Not that it takes coordinating your family right down to the haircut (but seriously contemplating this as a Halloween costume…mullet wig anyone?) I do however love the idea of showing off the fact that we are a proud family and letting the connection we feel on this inside show on the outside.

The progression towards coordinating combinations started slowly over time. First it was a just a comment about the fact that me and the baby had on the same burgundy colored pants. Then it became the shopping for dresses that matched items in my husband’s closet (that I has bought of course). You know, subconscious stuff. Finally, I gave in and admitted it. Yes, I actually like wearing matching clothes!

But let’s not get carried away here. I’m just talking about simple stuff, like complementary color palettes. Or if I’m wearing a pattern, everyone else is wearing a solid that plays off the colors or vise versa. For example, in the pics above I started by dressing myself, because that’s always the hardest part. I knew I wanted to wear the denim dress, but I didn’t have any shorts for K to match. Instead of going out and buying something, I cut a pair of jeans into capris and topped it with a gray tank top. From there, it was easy since gray is a color my husband has by the plenty and it all came together. We each incorporated something the baby was wearing into our outfits to make it cohesive.

Maybe this need to match (without matching) comes from the desire to feel as though my son is actually my son beyond just the eyebrows that we both seem to furrow. Whatever the need is, I’ve accepted it. Embraced it. I might not be quite ready to commit to matching sweaters at Christmas or a fringe frenzy. Coordinating color palette? Yes. That I can do.

Outfit 1:


Michael’s Outfit


K’s Outfit

  Toddlers Digi Shark Slip-On Organic cotton number #1 T-shirt

Outfit 2:


Michael’s Outfit


K’s Outfit:




5 thoughts on “The Art of Matching (Without Matching)

  1. Funny, great pick of the mullet, fringe family. Just for the record, Mike seriously ROCKED the mullet with those black curls. I never think of greys and denim but it looks great.

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