Meet the Diapers and Diamonds Dudes: A Father’s Day Tribute



Discovering one’s personal style is a process that continues to change with time and age.  As we’ve blogged about, our styles have evolved since entering motherhood, and this progression has been deliberate, born out of necessity.  We think men undergo this same transformation, though it may not be as intentional, and it may not be the result of a change in age or life experience. Typically, its catalyst is the woman in the relationship.   Let’s face it: women run the closets in the house.  And both of us married men who made questionable fashion decisions before we entered their lives.  Michael swam in clothes that were four sizes too big for him, and Dave lived in one pair of sweatpants.  But once we took that STYle-tanic by the helm, things have been looking much better.  And when dressing a man or sprucing up his wardrobe, it can help to diagnose the kind of style that best fits him (or your vision of what best fits him).

We read a hilarious Esquire article, found here, describing the twelve styles of the American Man.  We thought we’d introduce you to the fabulous fathers in our lives in the way Esquire envisions them.

Meet Dave: The Rake (also known as the Ladies’ Man)


Esquire says:

  • His dress code: tailored blazers, dress shirts (top three buttons undone), and big watches
  • First known siting: Las Vegas, 1960s
  • Recent siting: the after-after-after party
  • Hall of famers: Joe Namath, Robert Evans, Tom Ford
  • Signature accessory: chest hair
  • Bragging rights: bitchin’ apartment
  • Pickup line: “Hello, there.”

The wife weighs in: Spot. Freaking. On.

Dave’s look is always about style, fun, and ease.  But then again, that’s Dave.  Dave is and always has been the life of the party.  He is gregarious; he won’t let anyone walk into his space without a warm greeting, a dazzling smile, and a pre-set play list.  He cares about experiences; whether it’s a Saturday adventure with our son or a lake house vacay with our families, Dave does everything he can to make the moment a lasting memory for the people he’s around.   Though the after-after-after party has become pizza-and-a-bottle-of-wine-while-the-baby-sleeps, and the Las Vegas benders have become Napa wine tastings, Dave’s passion for people, fun, and family remain constant.  And so does the chest hair.  

Dave’s style:

Formal looks:

Blazer Regular fit | Black | Men | H&M US:   Slim Finn Coral Chino Pant | Express:  Blazer Slim fit | Dark blue/structure | Men | H&M US: Chinos Skinny Fit | Dark teal | Men | H&M US:  Easy-iron Shirt | Black/patterned | Men | H&M US:

Informal looks:

Henley Shirt | Dark blue | Men | H&M US:  Soft Wash Short Sleeve Micro Print Shirt - Navy | Express:  product photo:  product photo:  Gray Belted Flat Front 8" Cotton Shorts | Express:   Express One Eleven Soft Wash Jersey T-shirt | Express:


Straw Hat | Natural | Men | H&M US:  Sunglasses | Brown | Men | H&M US:  Jersey Hat | Gray melange | Men | H&M US:  Michael Kors 'Gage' Chronograph Leather Strap Watch, 45mm DIESEL® 'Little Daddy' Chronograph Leather Strap, 51mm Larsson & Jennings 'Lader' Leather Strap Watch, 40mm

Wife and son’s look:

product photo:   Steve Madden 'Sammson' Lace-Up Gladiator Sandal (Women)  

Meet Mike: The Sportsman (mixed with a bit of The Rocker)


Esquire says:

  • His dress code: Technical Sportswear mixed with jeans and t-shirts
  • First known sighting: Northeastern Prep Schools 1960s
  • Recent Sighting: The Express Lane at Whole Foods
  • Signature Accessory: Sigg water bottle
  • Bragging Rights: Training for marathon number 7
  • Cause for Stress: Trick knee (back, neck)
  • Pick up line: Didn’t we meet at the ironman last year?
  • Favorite Book: Call of the Wild

The wife weighs in: one “style” cannot sum up this complex man, but this is pretty frickin close!

Mike’s style comes together from a mixture of the classic and the edgy with just a hint of the dark side. Think that sounds intense? It should…that’s my man. Intense. An intense partner, worker, and father. He doesn’t do anything half way–it’s either all or nothing. This is what makes him the moon around which my star orbits. Don’t be fooled by the earrings and tattoos–He is by far the most loyal, steadfast, passionate person I’ver known. And these are the same qualities that make him the most amazing father.

Mike’s Style:


    SG Varsity Logo Tee Black - Spiritual Gangster - 1 


   product photo Everyday shorts (12")   

Rugged Watches/Bracelets-





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Beard Oil/Products-

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