Paint the Town Red

Wearing apple red on our recent trip to Apple Holler Farm.
If it’s not a Honeycrisp apple, it’s just not worth having.


Showing a little love to Baby Cousin DJ.
You can’t go to an apple orchard without eating an apple cider doughnut.  It wouldn’t be American.
Brother and sister totally working the complementing red hues.


As I type this, I literally have my mother’s voice in my ear, echoing the sentiment I have heard since childhood: everybody looks good in red.  So, admittedly, I’m biased on this topic, as I’ve been practically conditioned to believe this as an axiom.  But, here’s the thing about mothers: most of the time, they’re actually right.

I get why people shy away from red.  Often they feel it’s a shade best reserved for Christmas and the Fourth of July.  Or they believe it’s a brunette’s color, that a blonde or redhead could never quite pull it off.  Or they just fear it’s too loud a hue to wear around respectable people in the daylight.  For whatever reason, there seems to be a dearth of red in the 30-something’s closet, save for the errant scarf or winter hat.

I am here today to push red on you.  Why?

  1. It’s a bold color.  It’s the color of passion, fire, and love.  In China, it’s the color of prosperity.  It’s been known to physically affect people by raising both blood pressure and respiration.  It literally takes people’s breath away.  Why wouldn’t you want to be draped in such a power color?
  2. It’s a bold color.  When’s the last time you looked at a black dress and thought, wow, that really stands out in the room?  Never, that’s when.  Listen, we all know that time and childbearing has done a number to our bodies.  Our abs of yore may be a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean we need to use dark, neutral clothes to fade into the background.  The best part about being in your 30s is that you know who you are and no longer care what people think of you.  Yet we continue to pile layer upon layer of black, navy, and grey on our bodies in an effort to, what?  Bury our stretch marks?   Camouflage our muffin tops?  Cover our hips?  I say, enough.  Our bodies, like our sparkling wit and brazen voices, should be the pop of color in the crowd.
  3. Everybody looks good in red.  Yes, all hair colors and all skin colors.  Red works for both light and dark hair because of the strong contrast between the two shades.  It works for redheads too, especially if the red color is broken up with flashes of skin and if the reds don’t match perfectly.  The biggest piece of the puzzle is to figure out which kind of red works best with your skin tone: warm red or cool red.  Warm colors are those that have undertones of yellow to them, and cool colors are those that have undertones of blue to them.  (If you’ve ever tried to paint a wall grey, you have inevitably come across greys that looked slightly bluish silver in certain light and greys that looked almost brown or muddy.  That’s the difference between cool and warm.)  For a more comprehensive look at figuring out which red is right for you, check out Brigette Raes’ site.

Still don’t believe me?  Check out these examples of stunning women killing it in red:



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