Craving Comfort

Maybe it’s the events of the last week or maybe it’s just the feeling that fall is slipping away quickly that has me wanting to snuggle down underneath my blanket and hibernate till the spring. Unfortunately, with a toddler running around I doubt I’ll be shutting out the world any time soon. Instead, I’m finding my security in a few key pieces of clothing that really are the next best thing.

  1. Soft Sweater Jackets- I love swapping out my leather jacket for a long snuggly sweater jacket, especially when they have pockets and I can just wrap the sweater around me like my favorite blanket.
  2. Turtle Neck Sweaters- Again, maybe this just speaks to my need to escape right now, but a nice turtle neck sweater in a chunky knit is a great piece to drink my salted carmel mocha in and hide my face.
  3. Ugg Boots- Don’t laughbut I always go back to my ugg boots during this time of year and I ALWAYS will! They are just so effortless and actually make life super easy when I want to rush out the door with the fam. And honestly, check out these new styles this year…super cute!
  4. Over-the-Knee Socks- I love these instead of slippers because I can pull them way up and feel so cozy while I’m sitting around the house playing with K or while I’m snoozing on the couch in a rare moment of solitude.
  5. Fleece Lined Leggings- I can’t deny that I love a good legging for the weekend and right now, nothing is cozier than my favorite fleece lined leggings that let me curl up into the fetal position when I watch the news these days- and sure, they keep me warm when I’m outside chasing K in the backyard!


We decided to go out this morning and try to a fly a little model airplane, so  my colorblock sweater jacket (old, but love this one and this one too) was perfect to keep me warm and comfy. 


I also couldn’t resist a chance to put on our matching boots (my Hunter boots here; K’s Boots here)- even though there wasn’t any rain at all! 

Love these slouch headwear beanies for the little ones…I’ll definitely be stocking up on newborn ones for baby boy #2!!



Shop my fave cozy clothes-

Sweater jackets:


Turtle Neck Sweaters:


Ugg Boots:



Over-the-Knee Socks:


Fleece-Lined Leggings:





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