New Years Eve: A New Tradition

I’ve never been a lover of New Year’s Eve. Normally, I would wait until the ball drops, the champagne pops and then I would make my silent exit for the door. Even in my single days I didn’t buy into the hoopla that is NYE, but now as a mother, I’m finding myself longing for a grand evening reminiscing about the past year and toasting to the excitement of the future…as long as the night ends promptly at 9pm!

This one’s from my last single NYE. I snuck out the door promptly after sipping these bubbles and posing for this pic! BUT I love a good sparkly dress! I still have this one, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a bit snug now…check out some similar ones here and here

So all this has me thinking about how I can bring together the celebration of the new year and my love of sitting on the couch with my family. I have decided to start a new kind of tradition that only requires a few key essentials and does NOT require me to leave my house on one of the craziest party nights of the year!

One…Party Clothes. Something I have always loved about NYE is the picking out of that special outfit. Something a little sparkly, a little flashy that I would never wear on any other night. So to kick off my new tradition, I will be keeping this hold over from the past. Yes, that means we will be sitting on the couch in formal wear! Or at least I will. Check out the a-mazing shirts I got for my boys here and here! I am loving the velvet trend, so I will be rocking this wrap dress from target to ring in the new year. Check out other ones I’m coveting below.

Somebody couldn’t wait to try out his New Year’s Eve get-up and I definitely couldn’t say no to seeing it on him! He wore this one all day long and even wanted to sleep in it! A win!



Velvet Loves-


Two… Parent Lunch. This one we actually started last year. Mike and I sneak out while K is napping and have little party, just the two of us, at lunch time. It is so nice to just sit and talk about the past year’s triumphs/failures and to make plans that may or may not actually happen for the next year. It’s our thing and I love reminiscing about the cute things that K says or does that make me smile. This year I can’t wait to talk about all the fun things we will do once the new baby is here. We could probably plan out his whole future over one lunch!

Last year’s parent lunch date. Clearly the beard was in full effect- just like it is this winter! A couple cocktails in the afternoon is one of my favorite things. This year the mocktails will have to suffice. Recipe ideas here.

Three…DIY Party Favors. I like to think I’m a little crafty and what better time to put this into action than NYE. (And if you’re not that crafty, there’s always pinterest for great printables and craft ideas-check out my board here.) Nothing fancy, just a few simple masks and party hats-ones for us, ones for K’s dinosaurs. This way, the kiddos can get in on the action and get excited about the big ball drop- at about 8pm:)

Trying out the goods for the big day!!

Four…Kid Friendly Appetizers. Instead of making some big elaborate meal for everyone (cause I do that so often), I decided that an appetizer bar with kid friendly snacks is the way to go! Some cheese sticks and popcorn cups ala Martha Stewart will do the trick. Mini pizzas that Mike, K and I can personalize with our favorite toppings and pop in the oven for ten minutes is a simple and fun way to get everyone in on the act (I love the pizza dough from trader joe’s for this! Just cut it and roll it into small circles and top with sauce and whatever toppings you like!)

Inspiration from Martha:

Five…Movie. Once we have all our “healthy” treats ready to go, I just want to pile on the couch and watch a classic kid’s movie. This year I’m thinking “Land Before Time” or “Finding Nemo”. I won’t even complain that we’ve watched those a million times this year. What will one more time hurt??

Six…Kisses. This old tradition is one I refuse to skip…I want to get in all those 2 year old kisses I can before there is another little one here who needs my attention. And of course, I wouldn’t miss out on a chance to kiss the man that will make all this possible another year!


Stay tuned for pics from our NYE in!

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