Holiday Recap


Christmas Eve

In an Italian family, Christmas Eve is the big event, filled with food, presents, and wine. It’s an evening ripe with family photo opps too, so clearly having the family match is a priority for the both of us.

MB’s outfit: dress-GAP Maternity // cardigan-Urban Outfitters (old, similar here) // necklace-Nordstrom  Dave’s outfit: sweater-H&M // plaid shirt-Express // pants-H&M        A’s outfit: sweater-H&M // pants-GAP
Erinn’s Dress- Old, similar here//Cardigan-Leith//Boots-//Mike’s Sweatshirt Cardigan- Nordstrom//Matching Bowties-Mike’s & K’s/S’s Sweater- loft



MB’s Christmas Morning

For me, Christmas morning is all about mimosas, festive pajamas, and carb-loaded brunches.  Because A needs help opening gifts, I know I’ll be in most of the pictures, so I want to make sure I don’t look like a hot mess.  This is not the day for my decade-old sweatpants and college sweatshirt.  Usually A and I will both get new wintry jammies for the holiday season, but matching isn’t my main priority here.  Since A should be the star of the show in the picture bonanza, I like to stick to a more neutral palette so that I can blend in with the background (and piles of shredded wrapping paper).

MB’s pjs: leggings-Target // asymmetric zip cardigan-Nordstrom (old, similar here) // slippers-Ugg
A’s pjs: Amazon
Dave’s pjs: pants-World of Coke museum (can be found online here) //shirt-Sierra Nevada Brewery //beanie-old, similar here


MB’s New Year’s Eve

We, too, felt like starting new NYE traditions, which we did with a local park district’s “Noon Years Eve” for wee ones.  It was awesome: tons of open space for running around, games and sports galore, inflatable bounce houses, and a balloon drop at noon.  For the grown-up plans and real countdown, we decided the only way to ring in the New Year from home is to find like-minded young parents who couldn’t go out (and grandparents who are too tired to go out) and host a pajama party.


A’s outfit: cardigan-Nordstrom (old, similar here) // T-shirt-Target // jeans-H&M
MB’s outfit: scarf-old (similar here) // tunic sweater-Nordstrom (old, similar here) // vest-H&M (on sale now) // pants-H&M Maternity (on sale now) // knit boots-Nordstrom Rack (sold out, can also be found here)


MB’s party pjs: sweatshirt-Out of Print (on sale now-this company is amazing. With each purchase, they donate $ to literacy programs in communities of need) // joggers-H&M Maternity
Dave’s party pjs: plaid pants-old, similar here // Blackhawks sweatshirt-old, similar here
A and D’s party pjs- Hanna Andersson (similar here and here)


Erinn’s New Year’s Eve

I will just say that sometimes it is possible to do too much planning. I wrote last week about the new tradition I wanted to start with my family and I was so excited to see it all play out, but, just like most things when you have kids, it didn’t go exactly as I had planned! What I will say is that I was very happy to be on my couch between my favorite people and not out at some bar watching people get more and more drunk. Well that and I finally got to find Dory and go to bed by 9pm!

Parents’ Lunch Date! My shirt- old, similar here//Mike’s Shirt- Northface
K’s Dino PJs-Target


My Dress- Who What Wear for Target//K’s Shirt- Amazon



Here’s to a happy and successful 2017!!!


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