7 Memories for 7 Weeks

With the 7 week countdown on at this point, my fashion sense has become nothing more than a leggings/stretchy clothes uniform(check out my go-to faves below), so needless to say, this post will not be about my latest style obsession. What has been an “obsession” of mine as I approach the end of this pregnancy is making sure that I enjoy every last minute of having only one baby. I want to remember every second of every first he had, every smile, every milestone, and yes, even every tantrum. I don’t want to look back on this time and only remember how uncomfortable I was or how nothing fit me or how I had to waddle down the hallways. I want to think back and remember that these last 7 weeks, and the last two years, have absolutely been the best of my entire life because of this little man that continues to challenge me to the core of my being on a daily basis.

So I decided to put together 7 of my favorite memories from the last two years that I want to play in my mind on repeat for next 7 weeks:

  1. When he was just teeny tiny. I feel like I can barely remember when he was just so small and I want to cherish every moment…next thing I know he’ll be a 6’2 18 year old running out the door to college– Noooo!
  1. Falling asleep in my arms. I remember on maternity leave so much of my time was spent just on the couch with him asleep in my arms staring at him. I wish I would could pause those moments! Sometimes now I just sneak in his room to see him while he’s sleeping!
  1. Selfies/Smiles. Nothing compares to the first time you see your baby smile…except every smile after that! Here are a few of my favorites.
  1. Matching! So we already know how I love to match. Can’t wait to get baby two in on the action.
  1. Adventures. We can make anything into an adventure, whether it be hiking in the forest preserve looking for frogs or just playing in the driveway!! He’s my little explorer!
  1. Portillos/Fries in the car. This has become a tradition of ours. It doesn’t help that Portillos is right across from his daycare!! My mom said all she craved when she was pregnant was fries and I am exactly the same. Sometimes we just sneak them in the car on the way home!
  1. Wearing his “hook”.  This kid loves to wear his hood aka his “hook.” He always makes us put his hood on in the car and will wear it the entire day if we let him! I think it’s his safety blanket, but I just think it’s adorable.

    Thank you for letting me be sappy!!! Back to fashion next week! In the meantime…check out my favorite comfy clothes for the last few weeks of pregnancy below:


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