Ready, Set, Go (Bag)

All our bags are packed and we’re ready to go…Or at least half of that is true. Bags are packed. The ready to go part? I’m not sure any amount of physical preparation can get us mentally prepared for what it will be like having TWO bambinos instead of one. But, yeah, ok, we’re ready to go!

It hit me this week, week 35 of what seems like a million weeks of being pregnant, that this really could happen at any moment and being prepared takes on a whole new meaning, because there is an element of knowing what to expect that didn’t exist the first time around. I know what to pack in my go bag this time and what to leave behind. I know that I will still look about six months pregnant after the baby is here (seriously, I was unprepared for that the first time! My outfit for coming home was a complete fail and I had to have Mike run home and get me something stretchy!) And I know that I should absolutely NOT bring anything in the pastel family and expect to wear it after birthing a child! But that’s about where it ends. I cannot know what it will be like to look into the eyes of my second born for the first time. I cannot know what maternal emotions will stir in me when I realize that I can no longer whole-heartedly devote myself to my first child. And I truly cannot know what his reaction will be to having a new little squirmy buddle invade his once dominated parental sphere. I just cannot know these things. And so, in a very mature effort on my part, I choose to focus on the things I do know and not send myself over the proverbial cliff of over-thinking.

Prepare for me to drop some mommy wisdom…hospital bag style.


  1. Soft robe or cozy sweater: It’s nice to have something to throw on when people come visit and you are definitely going to want soft fabric next to your body after all the trauma. This time I’m bringing both a robe and a sweater since I don’t know what the temperature will be like in the room and also because I just like to have options.
  2. Equally comfy pjs: The first day I definitely wore the hospital gown, but once I started to come back to reality, I wanted to feel a little less hospital-y and more like myself, so I opted for soft jersey fabric nightgowns (two because I will be in the hospital 3 nights with a c-section). I also recommend ones that are either designed for nursing (if you pla to) or that can easily be pulled down or to the side for all those late night feedings you will be getting used to. Make sure these are dark colors!! You’ll thank me later:)
  3. Dark colored panties: I bought these in a size bigger than a normally would when not pregnant because I remember not wanting anything to constricting touching any single part of my body-plus you will have the pleasure of wearing what essentially amounts to a diaper for the duration of your stay postpartum (this goes for c-section as well…something I was not prepared for the first time around).
  4. A couple nursing bras (if you plan to nurse): I like the nighttime nursing bras for all day because they are (once again) soft. Your skin is so sensitive after giving birth and especially sensitive if you nurse, so the simple cross-over ones do the job for me in the hospital. These are also nice because you don’t necessarily know how big your boobs will be once your milk starts to come in and these won’t be so constricting.  I do of course recommend a real bra with some more support for later, once you’re home.
  5. Toiletries to make you feel human: I’m serious about this one. The hospital might give you some things, but it’s nice to have your own products once you are ready to actually shower. I wasn’t, however, interested in putting on makeup those days in the hospital, so I won’t be packing up my whole beauty regime, just the basics: shampoo/conditioner, shower gel, lotion(I recommend either an oil or a body butter), toothbrush/toothpaste, face lotion, hair ties.
  6. Flip flops/Slippers: Make sure whatever you bring for your feet is no-slip. The last thing you want is to take a spill on your way to the loo! You’ll also want something to keep your feet warm, so maybe throw in some fuzzy socks as well.
  7. A forgiving going home outfit: As I said earlier, I wasn’t properly prepared for this the first time around for two reasons. One, I didn’t expect to still look 6 months pregnant after giving birth, so the pants and top I brought, we basically a no-go. The other reason this was a horrible outfit choice was because I had a c-section and the last thing I wanted to put on was pants. I didn’t want anything rubbing on my scar or even anywhere near it for a while. I think a flowy dress (in a dark color of course) or a cross-over number that is easy to nurse in is the way to go. Of course, if you can find the right pair of silky joggers (like MB below) and you are having a c-section, I’m sure these would do the trick!
  8. A going home outfit for baby: Bring more than one option! You never know exactly how big that little peanut will be, so if you only have newborn options, he/she might be too long for them. I’m bringing an outfit in both newborn and 0-3mos. just in case.

Got my little buddy in on the action. He is an excellent packer! I really like his style…throw it all in there as fast as you can and go back to watching Octonauts. Ha.

I’m really hoping he fits in this adorable fuzzy sweater outfit from Nordstrom, but just in case I have a back-up in a larger size!
I’m a sucker for tiny bottles and travel size products  are perfect for the go-bag. No need to bring your full size shampoo, etc. MB and I stood at the checkout at Sephora for quite some time, just browsing all the tiny bottles of stuff we really didn’t need! I’m throwing in a little pouch for my jewelry in case I feel like putting on my favorite necklace after.

Erinn’s Picks:

  Bump In The Night™ Babydoll Clip-Down Nursing Nightgown  A Pea In The Pod Maternity Lace-Trim Nightgown product photo product photo  A Pea In The Pod Maternity Nursing Wrap Sleep Bra     Natori Lace-Trim Nursing Bra           

Bringing Home Baby:

Main Image - Nordstrom Baby Faux Fur Top & Leggings (Baby)  Image of Newborn Slouch Beanie Bundle     



As you can see, I’m going for a black and gray theme here.  Nursing nightgown, bras, and robe for the hospital and comfy joggers and cardigan for coming home.  Plus the softest boyshort underwear I could find.
I have never prescribed to boy/girl colors.  Most of A’s baby clothes were gender neutral, so I wanted to replicate that by having my new baby girl wear both pink and blue home.  But there’s got to be a bow on the hat because, I mean, come on, how cute is that?!
Let’s be honest; I’m probably not washing my hair while at the hospital…or for awhile after that.  I live by Bumble and Bumble hair powder, so that is a go-bag must.  Everything else about my “beauty” routine at the hospital will be simple.  Face wash so I feel somewhat clean.  And Estee Lauder BB cream + EOS lip balm will be the extent of my makeup.  I know pictures will be taken, and I will not have the presence of mind to do a full face of anything.  At least this way, my lips won’t be chapped and my skin tone will look somewhat even.




MB’s picks:

                          Women's Black Neoprene Athlesiure Weekender Bag - Mossimo Supply Co.™   

Bringing home baby:


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