5 Small Acts

Since it’s Valentine’s Day week, I started thinking about my own loves and it has really got me thinking how much things have changed after baby. In between this…


And this…


I am finding that I have a lot less time to focus on my marriage than I did in the beginning. In fact, sometimes it seems like there is NO time spent just being a couple anymore. in some ways this makes me sad because Mike and I never really had much time just as us because we started dating, got married, and had a baby all within the first year and a half. And I’m good with that. That’s our story. But as baby number two’s arrival looms near, I feel the need to pause and recognize the man that makes this all possible. I also want to recognize how my definition of what used to constitute a date has completely changed- for the better in my opinion!

This is us the day after we got engaged. Look how fresh and young we were! I still had the bright eyes of someone who had never been sleep deprived and the smooth forehead of one not prone to a furrow. 

So with that, I present the 5 simple acts that I know consider “date moments”:

  1. Waking up before baby: We used to be able to sleep in and then lay in bed for hours just talking on the weekends or having coffee (my personal fave). But since baby, we have started instead taking turns on the weekends. Saturday is my morning and Sunday is Mike’s. That way at least one of us gets to sleep in when K sends the inevitable 5 am wake up call. And I truly appreciate this deal we have come up with, but it makes for a lonely bed when the sun creeps in. Last weekend, though, we had the strange pleasure of a 2 year old that actually slept in till 7! We both were awake at the same time and got to spend almost a whole hour together talking in bed! Unheard of these days…DEFINITELY counts as a date!
We used to have moments like this all the time…now we would be lucky to even have the time to snap a photo let alone actually lounge in bed together. (my initial earrings- old, but similar here…now I have a ‘k’ one)

2. Flowers during the week: So yeah, this week was Valentine’s Day and that’s probably why I got the flowers, but I really appreciate them! When I was single I would always stop and get flowers for myself at Trader Joe’s because they made me happy every time I would walk in the house. So when Mike walked in this week with K and had him give me flowers, I got a huge smile on my face thinking about seeing them on the table when I get home from work. And I know they won’t last forever, but every time I look at them, I’m reminded why I love him so much!


3. Rubbing my feet: Let’s by honest…any sort of massage right now at almost 37 weeks pregnant is a welcome treat, but something about the foot rub is really winning in my book! Total date score! (also forces me to make sure my toe nails are painted so I don’t let myself go completely!)


We used to run races together that would make my feet hurt…now we’re dealing with something completely different!

I could sit like this forever these days! I need this even though I’m not running races right now and Mike always complies! I’m wearing my new Lularoe leggings (the most comfortable leggings on earth) from Lauren Blanford’s pop-up last week- check out her page here. I’m coming for more girl!

4. Watching an entire show together: I laugh at this one, because honestly it doesn’t happen much, but when it does it feels like we are just us again. When we can actually sit on the couch for an entire show without me falling asleep (I did this before being pregnant), it really reminds me of how much we need time together away from the kids and we need things to bond over…even if it is just an old episode of “Shark Tank”. I’ll take it!

Thank god I found a man that shares my love of being a couch potato sometimes! I can’t get over the sparkle in our eyes that knew nothing of days to come- we were just happy to be together. My headband- old, similar here.
We actually used to get out and watch other things besides TV! I actually was about 9 months pregnant with K in this picture at a Cubs game…haven’t been since! My sunnies- ray bans.

5. Starbucks and walking around Target: This is the ultimate date moment for me! I love walking down every single aisle at Target talking about what we would buy if we had the money, or when we move, or even throwing things in the cart that we absolutely don’t need. With my salted caramel mocha and my man, I’m one happy lady. This has for sure replaced going out for drinks on the weekend! 

Check us out sippin some beverages somewhere other than Target in our pre-baby days! 

So, yes, I do hope for a return to the days when we could sneak out and have a proper date night OUT of the house, but for now I am just so grateful to have someone by my side that shows me he loves every day, even if it is just through these small acts!

Since we are on the subject though…Here are are some looks I’m dying to try after baby, when we can go out and have a whole dinner and a movie to ourselves (that’s gonna happen again, right?)




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  1. Haha this is so parent life! On a Saturday night we will put our daughter down to bed and sneak out to the living room to watch our shows/movies that aren’t kid appropo that we never get to watch anymore. I agree, it totally counts as ‘date’ time. 🙂

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