Baby Wearing

I left the house today for the first time in a week…by myself and it was amazing. After having a c-section for the second time(and realizing that I am not in fact wonder woman) I have spent the majority of my newborn’s life literally in a holding pattern. Not able to drive, not able to lift anything heavier than the baby, not able to, not able to. It goes on. And as it turns out, I have needed constant support from my family that I don’t remember needing the first time around. And let’s just say, I’m not always the best at accepting help.

We decided that it would be a good idea to move just one short week after the baby came and so needless to say, this has contributed to my feeling of uselessness. Instead of helping with the packing and unpacking, I have been ushered from the bedroom in the old house to the bedroom in the new house, and told to “take it easy. I should say that this is not an all bad deal. I got to lay in bed or on the couch and let everyone orbit around me in an attempt to make things easier for me. I really have had no choice but to accept the help and to be grateful that I have a strong support system around me. I guess the shock of it all was that I simply don’t remember being this fragile the first time around.

And it isn’t just me that’s different the second time around. My new boy so far, is not a whole lot like his big brother. K was a truly content, independent little man, even as a newborn. I got into a nice groove with him immediately cycling through nursing and lengthy naps in his own crib from day one. I could put him down and have time to myself to shower, sneak in a little workout, eat, whatever. But like my need for help from those around me, baby number 2 simply wants me all the time. He wants to be held while he’s sleeping and cries when he is not falling asleep in my arms. And of course, I love this! Buuutt…it also leaves me no time to do anything but be his constant pillow and as time goes on, I am feeling the need to see something other than the ceiling fan in my new bedroom.

I had a baby wearing wrap from the first time around, but I didn’t get much use of out it to be honest. This time though I am loving the fact that I put my baby in the wrap and instantly feel his body relax against my chest and I can stare down into his eyes drifting off to an immediate slumber. I can have him close to me snuggling in there and I can also actually leave the bedroom and get a few things done during the day. We are both happy.


I prefer the soft wraps, like this Solly Baby wrap. They also come in the best colors…I think I will definitely be needing a second one! I have an Ergo Baby too but I find that the soft wrap is my go-to when I’m just around the house.

I love that he can be so close to me that I can even feel his breathing-gives both of us comfort which I need right now.


Other wraps/carriers I’m coveting:

WildBird_Fall16_BeckyKimballPhoto_109.JPG  Natural & Grey Stripe      


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