The 4th Trimester

So it turns out that all doesn’t end well when you reach the end of the third trimester, in fact, as I’m learning very quickly the second time around, the fourth trimester is in a lot of ways, the most difficult of them all. Everything in my life seems to be in a state of transition- my body, my emotions, my relationships- everything.

While I was pregnant, I actually enjoyed the challenge of dressing my ever growing belly and took pride in the fact that I could refashion my pre-preggo wardrobe into belly- expanding perfection. Even at the end, when I could only fit in clothes with a considerable amount of stretch and elastic, I still felt like achieving some sort of on-trend ensemble was possible. Today though, four weeks into the life of my newest tiny human, fashion has gone out the window in favor of whatever is easy to nurse in and doesn’t have too much spit up on it. Trying to get myself together to leave the house is an even harder feat, considering most everything in my closet does not fit the way I remember or in most cases not at all. As if I needed any other reasons to feel insecure right now!

So I rounded up some ideas about how to make it through the forgotten trimester and still attempt to feel somewhat human without being depressed that my jeans don’t fit (and maybe never will again). I want to feel good about how I look right now, but as it turns out, just like everything else in my life, this is in a state of transition. I’m getting there though.


Don’t be fooled- this little angel does not do a whole lot of this during the day, but he is sure cute when he does! Still working on that new schedule of ours.


The lack of sleep means I have even less time to sneak in play time with my first little man, so I’m learning to appreciate the small moments with him. I’m still working through the heavy guilt that comes with this transitioning relationship. I have a sneaking suspicion this won’t be going away any time soon.

Even our home is in transition, since we decided to move exactly seven days after the baby was born! But a mattress makes for a good trampoline in a pinch! I need more of these moments right now.

Check out my ideas below about how to navigate fourth trimester fashion.

Around the House:



A Day Out:

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