Spring Trends 2017

Our first postpartum outing was obviously a shopping trip. Having been shrouded in maternity clothes all winter, we were anxious to usher in warmer weather in clothes without side rouching and elastic waistbands. And, of course, we hadn’t seen each other in weeks, so we were desperate for some best friend time and exposure to daylight.

The new cousins meet for the first time! Baby F on the left and Baby CJ on the right.
Erinn’s shopping outfit: Dress- Old Navy//Cardigan-Gap//Boots- Frye
MB’s shopping outfit: jeans-Old Navy // tank-Nordstrom // floor length cardigan-H&M // shoes-H&M

However, this wasn’t the free-for-all shopping bonanza that we’re accustomed to. Aside from frequent nursing stops that interrupted the spending train and the siren call of adorable baby clothes to distract us, we had to contend with the fact that our bodies are still in a state of flux. We can’t recklessly purchase this spring’s fabulous trends without some serious thought about how to make them work for bodies that are at work.

On our shopping lists for spring 2017: off-the-shoulder, ruffles, florals, bell sleeves, and embroidery.  But we needed a plan for how we could make this happen in a flattering and effective way. So this became our guide to buying for the new mom:

1. It has to be nursing-friendly. You’re not going to find us in any t-shirt dresses this spring. When that infant screech beats on the ear drum, we need fast access to nature’s pacifier. So we had better be able to pull it down or flip it up so we can whip it out pronto.

2. It has to be forgiving. I’m no doctor, so I don’t know how long it actually takes for a uterus to return to its normal size, but my sad poochy stomach is telling me one year. During pregnancy, we were all about showcasing our bumps, but now we’re all about artfully disguising the post-baby bumps. And love handles. And thighs. Whatever, we’re working on it. Anyway, form fitting stuff is out for a little while, and flowy, roomy options are in.

3. It has to be a good price point. This isn’t just because we’re now spending a disturbing amount of money on baby outfits; we need to be mindful of budgets because these clothes are going to get put through the ringer. They’re going to get doused in spit-up and urine on the regular, so chances are high that whatever we buy during this time will only last one season.


This ruffle top is perfect for hiding a little extra fluff around the mid section and I love the way it flows away from the body. It also works for nursing to just pop the baby underneath in a pinch.  Ruffle blouse- Nordstrom//K’s hoodie- Old Navy


I’m getting in on the floral action with this cropped jumpsuit from Loft. It was a perfect find because the straps easily pull down for nursing and the pants are a ideal for chasing around a toddler.

Old Navy has some really cute spring dresses that are on trend like this one that has both embroidery and off-the shoulder (once again a great option for nursing moms).  The tie at the waist helps to take away from my tummy by giving me a little bit of shape.



The off-the-shoulder trend is ideal for the nursing mom. Access is quick and easy, but I also love that the cut is still conservative. I’ve found that most nursing tops come with a heaping eyeful of cleavage, which you just don’t want when you’re heading to Sunday brunch with your in-laws. Also, the pop of shoulder draws the eye upward and away from my baby pooch. For me, this hit all three shopping criteria.
Top-Gap // pants-H&M

Off The Shoulder:






Bell Sleeves:









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