Mother’s Day Gift Guide for New Moms


So you’ve just spent the last 9 months+ of your life playing host to a tiny miracle complete with nausea, back aches, restless nights, stretch marks and swollen ankles. Now you spend every waking second cuddling, rocking, feeding and worrying about this squiggly bundle of joy.  And the journey has just begun.

We know two things about new moms: 1. We’re obsessed with our babies and 2. We would do anything to feel like a normal human.   Motherhood is beautiful because it requires sacrifice–of our bodies, our lives, and sometimes it feels like our minds.  And in these early days filled with diaper cream, sleep deprivation, screaming, and sitz baths, it’s easy to forget that we were once occupied by anything else.  Even if we won’t admit it or don’t even know it, we crave nothing more than a chance to feel like ourselves again even if it’s just for one day: Mother’s Day.

So with that in mind, we have rounded up some gift ideas to make the new mommy in your life feel some small sense of normalcy amidst the beautiful disaster that is now her life.

At Home Spa Treatments:  Here’s the thing: she’s not going to leave the house to be pampered.  She doesn’t have time for that.  But between the hormone-induced acne and the dark circles growing under her eyes, motherhood takes a massive toll on mommy’s skin.  Give her some treatments she can do at home in the twenty minutes she has to herself before the baby wakes up again.


Mani/Pedi: Having your nails done instantly makes any new mom feel a little more human after spending the day covered in spit up.  And if she’s not painting her fingernails because she’s washing her hands nine thousand times a day, at some point mama is going to need her toes painted.   Keep her flip-flop ready with some new colors by essie to treat and color at the same time- lavender dearly and sheers to you.


Cozy Sweaters:  A cozy cardigan is a staple of the new mom closet.  It’s comfortable and convenient for nursing.  And it’s necessary to have multiples so that you have another one to put on when the baby pees or spits up on the first one.  It’s worth it to splurge on good quality for this gift; the fabric needs to hold up to never-ending laundering and should be soft for snuggling with the baby.  I can’t recommend Barefoot Dreams highly enough (see the first two below), but all of these are great options.


Leggings: Trust me, this is the other staple in her closet.  But she’s probably rocking a $10 pair with a split seam in the crotch.  For the number of wears she’ll get out of these, she deserves a quality pair.  (Psstt…make sure they’re high waisted.  Her uterus is still shrinking.)


Personalized Jewelry: I was a huge fan of personalized jewelry even before having kids and now I love wearing my kids initials just as much. All new moms want jewelry that makes them think of their kids.  Check out some of my favorites from Anthropologie  here and here.


Subscription Boxes: These are key for new moms because chances are she’s not leaving the house much these days and who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?? Here are some of the best…

  1. Fitfabfun– monthly box full of fashion, beauty and fitness products.
  2. Birchbox– monthly box with 5 hand picked samples of popular beauty products (only $10 a month!)
  3. Zoe Box of Style– a quarterly box curated by Rachel Zoe of over $400 worth of fashion and beauty (some really great jewelry/accessories and full size beauty products)
  4. Stitch Fix–  5 Stylist selected pieces including jeans, dresses, accessories, tops, shoes, etc. based on your personal style.
  5. Mommy Mailbox– monthly subscription box full of 4-6 products designed just for moms.
  6. Date Box– (I am currently trying this one out!) They send products monthly designed for a stay at home date night! Perfect for new parents who aren’t getting out much these days.

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