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The Story of My First Run Post-Baby

9:15AM Me: Ok, you got this. First time back out there. Gonna get rid of that baby weight no problem. Just an easy 3 miles.

9:16AM Me: Owww F*@$ Sh@* (Armed crossed across chest for the rest of the run)

The End

Don’t let this smile fool you. I had just endured 3 miles of boob jiggling agony. (top-lululemon)

I used to have little boobs. So little in fact that my friends lovingly referred to them as ‘teats’. And even though I secretly longed for more to fill out that halter top or a little extra something for that low cut dress, I had it pretty good when it came to working out. I could wear all sorts of sports bras with cute little straps and very little support. It never occurred to me to cherish these moments of working out with little boobs. Check out my montage of little boob running pics:

All smiles. Even when the race was difficult and I wanted to pass out just across the finish line, the one thing I was never thinking about was my boobs.

But now, post- baby #2 my boobs are strangers to me. I look in the mirror each morning and think wow- now those are some boobs! I admit, visually I like the way my boobs look right now (minus the spider web veins criss-crossing my chest) and I am in awe of the life sustaining power they have. Each time I nestle in to nurse, I try to remind myself that this will be the last baby, the last time in my life when my boobs will have such power. But then when I hit the pavement in an attempt to clear my mind, I can do anything but that with these jugs (ha).  Running for me has always been the time when I let my mind wander, when I brainstorm my next actions, or replay conversations I wish had gone differently. It has been the outlet I need so badly as a teacher, as a wife and as a mom.

As new moms, there are so many things that change about our lives and about our bodies and for me it is so important to get back to the things that make me feel just a little bit more normal–working out is this for me. So I hunted for a bra that would get me back out there without having to cross my arms or ice my nipples when I got home!   Who knew one little item of clothing could hold such power! Check out my finds below.

Now tell me this isn’t an overwhelming sight?? One great thing about stores like Lululemon or Athleta is that they have tags that tell you the kind of support each bra will offer. Super helpful! Athleta even has a bra and support finder if you are not sure exactly the kind you need.
Now when I get out there to run, the smile is real (granted…this is at the end of my run!). On a side note, these leggings from fabletics are really amazing. They fit perfectly and they even suck it in in the right places. AND they don’t fall down when I run.
I finally chose this bra from Athleta because it gives me the most support and is still comfortable. It doesn’t chafe at all (if you’re nursing, you know what I mean). top- Adidas, old, similar here

My high support faves:

product photo  product photo     product photo   lulu bra  bra 2  bra   bra 3

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