Mother’s Day

We don’t live glamorous lives.  We’re not jet-setters, we don’t attend swanky parties, and we practically live at Target.  We’re moms.  And we’re like every other mom we know.  We stay up nights worrying.  We are racked with guilt.  We’re exhausted.  We are a little heavier than we should be.  We question everything.  We pump and dump. We eventually stop sterilizing everything because it’s just too much.  We feed our kids packaged, artificial crap because it’s easier.  We yell.  We nag.  We complain.

And we love.  We hold it together.  We take the midnight watch.  We use an array of voices when we read books.  We do the bedtime routine.  We kiss boo-boos.  We give hugs.  We give kisses.  We laugh and we smile.  We let our little boys go so they can grow bigger.  We change a lot of diapers.  We do a lot of laundry.  We stare at the baby.  We’re the only ones who can make the baby smile.  We kneel down and look in our sons’ eyes and talk in low voices when they’re naughty.  We check on the kids at night.  A lot.  We call the doctor.  Maybe too many times.  We forgo our shower so we can be there.  We lose track of our coffee so we can play or get the thing or clean the thing or find the thing.  We talk about the potty.  We talk about your day.  We cook sometimes and we clean sometimes, but not a lot because we’re making a mess with you.  We love.  Fiercely.

Our Mother’s Day is filled with nothing glamorous or interesting, but it is incredibly beautiful.  Today we’re celebrating the minutiae of the lives we are honored to live.  The work we love to do.  The people who make us moms.

To all the moms out there, you are amazing warriors.  And we are proud to walk the lines with you.

Sunnies: Nordstrom (old, similar here and here)


MB’s top: Dry Goods (sold out, similar here and here) // Baby CJ’s outfit: Old Navy (sold out, similar here and here)



Erinn’s Dress- Target//Baby F’s Outfit- Cat and Jack for Target//moccasins- Freshly Picked
A’s outfit: top-Zara (sold out, similar here) // pants-Target (old, similar here) // shoes-Converse Chuck Taylor
K’s Outfit: Top- Gap//Shorts-Old H&M pants cut off, similar here//undershirt-Old Navy
CJ’s outfit-Baby Gap


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    1. Thanks! I know!! I had this blue top in my mind and couldn’t find it anywhere, though I was convinced it existed. I randomly ran across it in the store window, and they had three left.

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