One year ago, we decided to start this blog and published our first post.  We knew nothing about blogging and, admittedly, very little about social media.  We were two English teachers with toddler boys who thought it would be fun to have a writing outlet and a reason to go shopping together.  Everything has changed since then and nothing has changed since then.

Erinn and MB 2
Our office at work (aka “The Cage”), where we do our grading, writing, gossiping, and online shopping.

Yes, we have been shopping much more, to our husbands’ chagrin.  Yes, we’re still English teachers and still boy moms.  But this year we also both got pregnant at the same time, had babies three days apart, and are now navigating life as moms of two.  I don’t think we’ve necessarily become “bloggers” –we still have a lot to learn–but this little project of ours has brought some new-found awareness and appreciation to our lives.

  1. We’ve become closer.  Friendships change after you have kids.  Happy hour turns into bath night, and bottomless-mimosa-brunch turns into Sunday in the suburbs visiting grandparents.  And even the phone calls drop as people move to different time zones and start filling up the evenings with parental duties.  This blog has given us a way to spend time together outside of work, to hold ourselves accountable to investing in our friendship.
  2. We have a photographic story of our children’s lives.  One reason I courted the idea of starting a blog is because I realized I was absent from all the pictures of my oldest child’s first year of life.  I thought I wasn’t worth being in the pictures with him, and I realized this was wrong.  Our children deserve to see how much we love them, and now we have this beautiful record of the time we spent with our kids.  Not just the holidays or forced family photos–we have documented the average and the mundane in a way that we both find beautiful and filled with life.  Some of my favorite pictures we’ve taken in the past year are of bubbles in the backyard or sidewalk chalk at the park.
  3. We learned that we are more than our jobs.  We used to define ourselves as teachers.  Then we defined ourselves as mothers.  And it’s no surprise, as we spend 100% of our day doing these things.  But in creating this blog, we remembered something else, something that had been lost long ago almost immediately after college ended and adulthood began.  We like to write.   And there’s something powerful about maintaining a hobby or whatever else one could call it.  Whether it’s about identity or tapping into the creative impulse or empowering our abilities as women or finding human connection with a reader, we’re not sure.  Maybe it’s all of it.  But, having not had a reason to write since graduate school, we’ve found how much we miss it.  How good we are at it.  How good it feels.  It’s important to have something like that.
  4. We’ve connected with other moms.  The journey of motherhood is incredibly rewarding, but the trials that accompany it can render even the happiest mom a bit lonely.   It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one up in the middle of the night or Googling some obscure pediatric ailment or researching carcinogenic ingredients in literally everything you give to your child.  But through the beauty of social media, we’ve come to discover that we are not alone.  There are screens aglow in homes everywhere doing the exact same things we’re doing with the exact same worries we have and the exact same wines we’re drinking.  We’ve reconnected with old friends from the many paths we’ve walked over the last thirty-some years and sighed with deep relief at the words of support and sense of unity in the struggle to raise good people in a chaotic world.

To any and all of you who have stopped by here at any point during the last year, thank you.


Some of MB’s favorite posts this year:

My first post.  It was all about these shoes and I still love these shoes.  Original post here.

Similar outfit options today:

 Halogen® 'Bristal' Ankle Strap Pointy Toe Flat (Women)   Articles of Society 'Sarah' Skinny Jeans (Black Cast)


cropped on street 2
Getting out of my black-on-black-on-black pattern started with this duster cardigan.  This has since become a staple of my wardrobe.  Original post here.

Similar outfit options today:

  Caslon® Crop Linen Joggers (Regular & Petite)  Halogen® Rosina Laser Cut Wedge Sandal (Women)  Topshop Layered Statement Necklace  Main Image - BP. 55mm Metal Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

I loved this dress from Mata Traders  (still available and ON SALE) because it seemed like I finally found a dress style that fit my figure.  So I bought three more of their dresses.  And then I found out I was pregnant.  I can’t wait until I can wear these dresses again!  Original post here.

Similar outfit options today:


This was my summer revolution when I decided that I wanted to get in on wearing backless/sideless/super low cut tops.  But since my natural endowment prevents a bra-less existence, I started wearing bralettes left and right without caring who saw my undergarments.  Original post here.

Similar outfit options today:

Hanky Panky Tangram Bralette  BP. Strappy Lace Bralette  Suzette Collection Strappy Bralette (Big Girls)    


Some of Erinn’s favorite posts this year:

A Midi Movement-My first post when I was vowing not to be the mom that wears yoga pants every day. Funny to think that this is where I was a year ago as I sit IN MY YOGA pants writing this today.

Similar midi options today:


Body Type Matters. As my 35 year rolls around I will definitely have to rethink this whole body type thing especially after having a second baby. I need to remember this summer to focus on the things that make my body looks its best.

Similar outfit options today:


This one was just a happy time. I loved so much being carefree with my first born, before I was pregnant with the second. This was the sweet spot in life. Also- who doesn’t love a nice matching mommy-son duo.

Similar outfit options today:



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  1. Happy birthday to your blog! I love it so much! I just found you two via Facebook and I’m so glad I did. I feel like i have so much to learn about traffic, social media, SEO as well! Fellow boy mom here (he’s almost two) and I am looking forward to following along!

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