The Perfect Shirt

I’ve found it. You know what I’m talking about.  That miracle piece of clothing that feels like pajamas but makes you strut around like Gigi Hadid.  That go-to garment your friends start referring to as “the uniform” because they see it so much. That once-in-a-decade staple that you wear continuously until it’s held together by mere thread fibers. This is that kind of moment. This is a shirt for all body types, no joke. It’s magic.

Top-Gibson for Nordstrom // jeans-Old Navy // shoes-Via Spiga (old, similar here) // sunnies-Nordstrom
Baby CJ’s outfit: leggings-Target // top-Carter’s // headband-Carter’s (sold out, similar here)

I bought this shirt on a complete whim because of Gibson Clothing’s Instagram feed, and I haven’t looked back since.  And this post is in no way sponsored, so rest assured, I am writing this because I want to shout from the rooftops how in love I am with this shirt (and not just because it’s red).  Let me tell you why I love it.  Get your credit card ready.

  1. The postpartum fit. Mamas, you worked really hard to build a human, and I know more than anyone that at 3 months out (and sometimes 3 years out), that beautiful vessel may look like a wobbly, mangled husk.  Yeah, you can throw on some shape wear to bind some stuff up, but let’s be serious.  It’s summer, and we’re dealing with enough sweat elsewhere to have to worry about belly button sweat.  This shirt covers and masks a jiggly tummy, giving the illusion of effortless drapery.  Let me tell you, this is the most comfortable I have felt in a shirt since before I got pregnant.
  2. The curvy fit.  Now I’m going to talk to my curvy ladies for a sec.  Skinny girls, we love you, but you will look good in anything, so you can skim this part.  I have been a curvy girl my whole life.  Born with the shoulders of a line backer and the hips of a Spartan, I have to be very careful with the silhouette of my clothing, as I’ve discussed here.  Everything I buy needs to have structured shape with clean lines, otherwise I look like a giant rectangle.  Shift dresses?  Not for me.  Bohemian goddess flowy frocks?  Nope, not happening. But this majestic top somehow creates just the right shape.  You can clearly see that this top is flowing all over the place and does not jut inward toward the waist.  Yet, I still am somehow maintaining an hourglass-ish shape.  How is this possible?  I have no freaking idea. Just trust me and try this shirt out.
  3. The style. We all know that ruffles are everywhere right now, but not everyone is comfortable jumping on the ruffle trend, which I get.  Sometimes when you find really big or layered ruffles, you worry about looking like a little girl at a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party.  This shirt is like dipping your toes in the ruffle pool, with just a touch of feminine whimsy.
  4. The options. This shirt can be dressed every which way for different occasions, mostly because of its modest cut.  I paired it with these jeans for a weekend family BBQ, but I could also pair it with cigarette pants for work or heels for date night.

So there you have it: the greatest shirt of 2017.  Oh, and it comes in six colors.  You’re welcome.

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