Summer Uniform

Ah summer. My favorite season. Sun, beaches, my birthday, BBQs and no school. Summer has always been a time when I can reset and recharge before tackling the next school year and all the inevitable challenges it brings with it.  This summer, however, is different. This summer I am the mother of two and I am in completely unchartered territory. No more passing the days reading a book in the shade while sipping a cocktail.  It seems, just like every other aspect of my life, summer too, will have to change.

This summer will challenge all my teacher skills. And, of course, my patience. We decided after baby number one that it made sense to keep him in day care, at least part-time, throughout the summer so he wouldn’t have to start all over in the fall. This also gave us a chance to reset and have a little time off for ourselves on the days he was there. Sometimes I would find myself feeling a little guilty that I was at home and he was at daycare. Like, why can’t you take care of your own child? Mommy guilt always finds a way to creep in.

Now that baby number two is here and K is home with me part time, I find myself longing for summers past when I was baby free. But only for a moment. I know that these days will be fleeting once I go back to work and the boys grow up and I want to make sure that I cherish the time when they both actually need and want me. It’s not without its challenges though. Not. At. All.

So I’ve been pulling out all the teacher tricks I know (although I will say, high schoolers respond to my sarcasm much better than my toddler), even going so far as to make a lesson plan for the days we are all together! Most days, we don’t stick to it at all, but it gives me sense of control in the madness. My lesson plan doesn’t mean shit though when both kids are screaming and pulling on my shirt- one hungry for the boob and the other sobbing for daddy. I have no tricks in my bag for that one.

Needless to say, something about this summer needs to be easy, and my wardrobe is sometimes the last thing on my mind on these days. I’ve developed a sort of mommy summer uniform that allows me to get up and down off the floor, nurse, and not sweat my ass off in the summer heat– flowy tank, jean shorts, comfy sandals and a hat (so I don’t have to wear makeup ha). At least one thing this summer will be easy!

This is how I spend most of my time when it’s just the three of us- holding one babe in my arms and holding the hand of the other.
My shirt- Forever 21/Shorts- old, similar here/ sandals-Splendid/hat-old, similar here
K loves giving the baby kisses…not sure the feeling is mutual!

“Put him in my boat mom” haha

Summer Uniform Ideas:

Flowy Tunics-

Distressed Jean Shorts-

Sun Hats-

Comfy Strappy Sandals-

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  1. Love this one honey! Your writing is funny and vulnerable. Pictures are perfect! Maybe you missed your calling as a journalist!!!

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