Everyone knows that Target and Amazon Prime are the cornerstone of motherhood purchasing patterns. They’re just so gosh-darned convenient; I mean, that Amazon one-click gets me every time.  And when you are parenting a small child and you need a new binky because you’ve lost the last fourteen, you need it yesterday, so a two-day shipping turnaround is pretty enticing.  This week was Amazon Prime Day, and you would have thought it was grown up Christmas.  I purchased an essential oil diffuser for a ridiculously low price.  Now, I do not own or use essential oils, so why did I buy this?  Somewhere between my caffeine rush and trigger-happy pointer finger, and with about fifteen minutes  to shop online before the baby was finished nursing, I was riding high on the unnecessary commodity wave.

And as for that sanctuary they call Target, forget about it.  These days, going to Target is like my own personal tropical vacation.  There is a Target two blocks from my condo, so a quick stroll with the baby is our daily summer ritual.  And if I can convince my husband to watch both kids because I need to run over there just to pick up “a couple of things,” I laugh maniacally as I slam the door behind me.  I’ve already planned to grab a cinnamon dolce latte and peruse the home section; I suddenly feel the urge to update my salt and pepper shakers.  This week I had to run to Target to buy two things and two things only: a Bumbo seat and a bag of chips.  $187 later I returned.  I don’t even know what I put in the cart.

So as convenient as these two shopping giants are, there are downsides to them, like at Mommy and Me Yoga when all the babies are wearing the entire Cat & Jack spring line or when I mistakenly grab my nephew’s muslin blanket to wrap up my baby.  We all end up with the same stuff.

So when it comes to baby things that I don’t need in three seconds, I prefer to go off the beaten shopping path.  And if I’m going to turn my back on my beloved Target and Amazon, it’d better be for something good.  For me, that good is to #shopsmall and buy from small businesses, particularly from other moms on Etsy.  First off, with Etsy shops, there are so many options in style and fabric, you know that every kid on the block won’t have the same thing, like the ubiquitous Sophie the Giraffe.  Secondly, you still get the convenience of online shopping; I have spent many a late night nursing session browsing nursery décor.  Third, you get to support other moms who are just doing what they love and working that side hustle.

If you are looking for your own kids or for a baby gift, here are some little shops we hope you’ll love:

  1.  The Burpin’ Baby, burp cloths and bibs


I found this shop when I was pregnant with Baby CJ.  I stockpiled burp cloths from all over in preparation, since A ruined all of his as a baby.  Thank goodness I bought so many, because this little one has been a nonstop spit up train since the day she was born.  Now, I diversified my brands on this one.  I bought the Carters, the Aden + Anais, and the Gerber.  I cleaned up on Target and Amazon.  But one night I was browsing on Etsy and stumbled upon this shop.  I ordered this set on a whim, because of the cute patterns.  Let me tell you, we are four months in and the Burpin’ Baby burp cloths are the ONLY ones I own that don’t look like they’ve been through war.  Everything else is fading, pilling, or permanently stained. These burp cloths have been through a million washes, and they still look exactly the same as the day I bought them.  And not only that, but they are also super absorbent, much more so than the standard burp cloth.

This Etsy shop is a great go-to if you need a baby gift because she sells these adorable bundles.  The fabrics are darling for boys, girls, and gender neutral.  And for our awesome Diapers & Diamonds readers, use the code DandD20 to get 20% off your purchase!


2. SuVern Bowtique, headbands and bows

When I found out I was having a girl, I started stockpiling headbands.  Having a boy first, I totally missed out on the opportunity to accessorize a baby, and I am beyond obsessed with headbands for a good photo op. When I say this shop has a million different headbands, they have a million different headbands.  I’m particularly in love with her felt flower headbands.  You can tell these are made by a mom because they seem really comfortable.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a headband on this girl, only to realize thirty minutes later that it made a dent in her skin, leaving me feeling like a terrible mother.  The one thing I really love about these headbands is that underneath the adornment, there’s a piece of soft felt so that there’s no mark left on her forehead.

The bottom line is that this is the place to go for super girly headbands and bows.  And she has stuff for both babies and toddlers.  Also, if you’re really into sports and cartoon characters, she has a ton of themed headbands.

3. Little Harvest, baby food subscription service

Between Instacart and Green Blender, I haven’t been to a grocery store in over a year.  Like everything else, it’s just easier to shop from your phone and have someone else deliver it to your door.  But here’s the problem I’ve had: it’s actually kind of hard to find a wide selection of stage 1 organic baby foods in the grocery store.  I was always a Plum Organics kind of girl, but every store around me–or at least the ones I can shop through Instacart–only carry prunes and sweet potatoes.  And in the days before Instacart, I was steaming and pureeing my own foods forever with my son, mostly due to an oral sensory issue he had.  It was like having a part-time job that solely consisted of baby food preparation.  My entire family joined in, and we spent all day Sundays and several hours each night making baby food to keep up with his growing body.  The thought of having to do this all over again makes me shudder.

Enter Little Harvest.  It was started in 2017 by a Chicago mom who was tired of struggling with the same exhausting issue as a working parent.  They offer different packages for ages 4 months to two years, and you can go with the set menu or customize your own depending on what your kid likes.  Everything is locally sourced, and they can ship to most of Illinois.  On the menu for this box: petite crimson lentil puree, creamy quinoa, broccoli puree, slow roasted carrot mash, and locally sauced apples.  So far, Baby CJ is really into the carrots!  I can’t wait to try the rest with her.  Baby F is really into the little bowl and spoon that come with the box.  If you’re an Illinois mom or you know an Illinois mom in need of a gift, check out Little Harvest and use the code diapers&diamonds for $20 off your first box.  

This is a sponsored post.  We received products in exchange for an honest review.  This post also contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on a product link, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.  All opinions and recommendations are ours.

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