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With the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in full swing and the ubiquitous “Back to School” signs cropping up in every store, the Midwest temptation to pull out your chunky sweaters and pumpkin Pinterest recipes is strong.  But let’s slow our roll here, ladies, and not forget that IT’S STILL JULY!!  Summer isn’t over yet, and we still have a bucket-list-full of activities to occupy our remaining time off.  So even though you may be getting trigger happy with your credit card digits, filling your late-night online shopping carts with fall goodies–I know we have!–don’t develop retail amnesia and forget that this is the perfect time to stock up on summer dresses.

I know this sounds ridiculous.  Shouldn’t you have bought all your summer frocks back in June so you could get three full month’s wear out of them, you ask?  The truth is, no.  We believe that midsummer is the perfect time to buy sundresses and maxis for three major reasons:

  1. Retailers are trying to wipe out their summer inventory to make room for booties and scarves, so you can find amazing deals right now.
  2. Maxis and sundresses don’t go out of style, so you can rest assured these will be in full rotation in your closet next summer.
  3.  It is super easy to add a few key fall pieces to your summer dresses to transition into fall, so you actually will be able to get away with wearing summer dresses longer than you think.

This summer, Erinn and I have both been nursing, and we forgot one key detail in the search for easy breezy summer attire: you can’t easily breastfeed in all dresses.  Unlike a summer top, you can’t just pull up the hem of your maxi to take care of baby business, and although we both embrace the whole #NormalizeBreastfeeding movement, we’re not about to flash our skivvies to a room of strangers trying to enjoy brunch. So check out our favorite summer dresses that are budget, breastfeeding, and fall friendly.

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MB’s picks:

The genius behind Old Navy’s dresses this summer is that the straps have ties.  TIES!  This is the best idea for nursing moms I have ever seen. This one is currently on sale and comes in green print and burgundy print. 

Erinn and I both bought this Old Navy dress, and it’s our absolute favorite.  It’s on sale and comes in both black and white.  Clearly, it’s getting a lot of wear in my life, paired with every bralette I own.  The straps are ties–genius, Old Navy!–and are intended to be tied at the shoulder, but I like to gather them all up in back to create more of a halter neckline.

The 90’s teen in me is loving the return of the spaghetti strap.  Not only can I channel Cher in Clueless, but I can discreetly slip the strap down for on-the-go nursing.  This is has been my staple summer street fest look: dress, straw hat, sunnies, sandals, braid.

Erinn’s picks:

Ok, obviously we are both loving this dress from Old Navy. There really isn’t any better purchase I’ve made this summer! Not only is it light weight and breezy, but it is super easy to untie and nurse on the go.

Another great find from this summer is this dress from Loft. So many great things about this dress…the unique neckline (easy to pull the sides down to nurse), the pom pom detail, the bright coral color…all reasons why I love this dress!

“Here ma, hold my cup”…so typical!

Shop MB’s fave midsummer dresses:

Shop Erinn’s fave midsummer dresses:


Fast-forward to fall:

When September hits and it’s time to start integrating your fall finds in with your summer spree, think layers: denim jacket, cardigan, faux leather jacket, felt hat, chambray.

Nordstrom Jean Jacket

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