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It’s no secret that MB and I like to shop. In stores. In cyberspace. In our dreams. Shopping is one of favorite pastimes, but I’ll admit that I usually like my shopping to be a solitary act. It’s a time where I can move at my own pace and try on pieces without judgement. But recently, we discovered that there is something to be said about having a girlfriend around to hit the racks with. Especially when shopping inevitably leads to lunch with inevitably leads to cocktails…not necessarily in that order. When two pro shoppers like us get together the outcome is some wallet busting fireworks that’s for sure, but we’ve also found that having a friend around makes sure you don’t go home with pieces you will never wear. We can bounce outfit ideas off of each other and nix things that are destined for the back of the closet with the tags still on them.

Shopping with friends however, sometimes means you end up falling in love with the same pieces which can make for some super awkward ‘who wore it better’ moments in the dressing room. So instead of doing rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to take home the fashion finds, we have decided that it is absolutely okay to have the same pieces as your friends–and it’s even okay to wear them at the same time (gasp!)

This week, MB and I put this theory into action and wore the same 4 pieces on the same days to school, but we paired them with vastly different items and accessories and guess what…NO ONE NOTICED (except one very fashionable and perceptive co-worker). Check out how we pulled this off below!

Piece #1: Chambray Dress  

Structured v. Classic

Erinn chose to cinch in the waist giving this dress a more structured look, while MB went for classic look pairing it with a cardigan and a statement necklace. We stood side-by-side all day and no one noticed we were wearing the same dress!

Erinn’s Look: Dress-Old Navy//Belt-old, similar here//Booties-Sam Edelman 

MB’s Look: Dress-Old Navy // Cardigan-old, similar here // Necklace-old, similar here // Booties- Vince Camuto

Piece #2: Criss-Cross Back Cardigan

Preppy v. Relaxed

The beauty of this piece is that it can be worn open as a preppy cardigan or it can be buttoned and paired with your favorite black pants. It also helps to get the same item in different colors:)

Erinn’s Look: Cardigan-Top Shop//Be Kind T-shirt-JillOfAllTrades//Skirt-Old, similar here//Loafers-BP

MB’s Look: Cardigan-Nordstrom // Pants-H&M // Shoes-Halogen (old, current version here)

Piece #3: Rockstar Jeggings

Romantic v. Edgy

Erinn topped THE BEST JEGGINGS EVER (cheap and super comfy) with a bell-sleeved velvet top giving her look a romantic vibe, while MB went with a motor jacket and a rock star hair-do. Nobody would guess that we were wearing the exact same pants.

Erinn’s Look: Black jeggings-Old Navy//Velvet Top-old, similar here//Boots-1 State

MB’s Look: Black jeggings-Old Navy // Top-H&M, old, similar here and here // Cardigan-old, similar here and here // Boots-Sam Edelman

Piece #4: Key-Hole Top

Dressy v. Casual

A simple swap of a pencil skirt for some high-waisted black moto denim takes this key-hole top from dressed up to a more casual vibe. Erinn also cinched the back ties for a more fitted look almost making it unrecognizable as the same top MB has on.

Erinn’s Look: Key-Hole Top-BP//Pencil Skirt-Loft//Flats-Halogen//Necklace-Old, similar here

MB’s Look: Key-Hole Top-BP // High-waist pants-Zara, similar here and here // Necklace-Mata Traders, old, similar here // shoes-Halogen

One thought on “Shopping With Friends

  1. This blog is soooooo adorable. I look for-ward to it. As you both know, I am closer to 70 than 60. Your blog gives me a fresh new perspective and I feel like I am “keeping up” in the fashion world. Well done ladies! Does anyone dare to say that to teachers?

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