Pretty in Pink

It was a right of passage for every girl growing up in the 80s and 90s-the obligatory viewing of “Pretty in Pink”.  From the first frame when Molly Ringwald steps onto the screen in her signature color, my love affair with this fiery, red-head, pink-donning, brat-packer began. I imagined myself just like Andi in the final scene, showing Blane and Steph and the whole school that a girl from the wrong side of the tracks can have a voice. She used fashion as her weapon of choice. She harnessed the “pink” and made everyone turn and stare.

Pink. With all it’s alliterative glory. Pretty, prissy, precious, playful, preppy, passionate, pussy, and on. Pink is the color the world-or at least the western world-associates with being bubble gum and fragile and sweet and baby…all things, as an adult woman, I try to avoid. I am absolutely none of those things. It’s the color used to signify “girl” from “boy.” The color of the oppression. But pink is also a battle cry. A call to unity to break through the barriers and a glass ceiling in a male-dominated society. Pink is a mindset.

I wear pink simply because it makes me happy. And, let’s be honest, we could all use a little happiness right about now. When I look at the world, the news, my school, I find myself wanting to retreat. To carve out a little hole and crawl right into it. Someone let me know when it’s safe to come back out. But, let’s get real. I can’t do this. I have a job and a family and responsibilities. I can’t simply hide. So I’m reclaiming pink. If I wear pink, I can’t hide. People notice pink. It’s not just for babies anymore and it doesn’t have to be some grand statement. It can be just a color. A color I happen to love (sorry MB!) and I’m gonna rock it this season. Maybe that sounds simple, or that I’m shallow, but if looking down at the pink pop of color on my shoes brings a smile to my face, then I’m going with it.

A Little: I love a good pop of color on an otherwise washed out look. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a good I’m wearing-black-to-match-my-mood-so-stay-away-from-me moment, but sometimes, you just need to spice it up with a little fun. Shoes are a great way to make this statement and there are so many fun options out there right now when it comes to styles. For me, bright colors all the way.

These fun slides are A New Day for Target. If you haven’t checked out this new line at Target, do it immediately! I can slip these on and instantly change an all black outfit. Love the bow detail and the pointy toe!
Blazer-old, similar here//Hello Beautiful Tank-Old Navy//Jeans-Old Navy//Slides- A New Day for Target


Some more Pink Pops of Color-

A Lot: Wearing all over pink is definitely a bold move, but I’m digging it right now. Especially in this bright, head-turning color. To off-set the “pinky-ness” I look for modern cuts and details that are more grown-up, but also still fun. A dress is a perfect piece to pick up this season that can be dressed up for the weekend or work, but can also pull double-duty on the weekend with some flats and a jacket or cardigan- just don’t cover up that pink!

I picked up this dress at Target when Victoria Beckham had her line there in early spring,  and I love how it combines the pop of pink with an interesting neckline and drop waist. Similar here and here.

Shoes- DV for Target

Other all-over pink faves-

 Check out my fellow teacher-soldier and pink-lover (right?), MR,  getting in on the action!
Her pink pumps- Nine West

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