Family Halloween Costumes

October is the best month of the year, mostly because of sweaters and pumpkin spiced lattes (#sobasic) and Oktoberfest beers and hot chili.  And Halloween is the best holiday because, well, because of costumes and candy.  Though Erinn will begrudgingly put on a costume if you make her, I am obsessed with dressing up.  Perhaps it is the drama teacher in me, but there is something so fun and freeing about brainstorming for ideas, scouring Pinterest, and DIY-ing your way into a day where you totally get to dress out of your comfort zone and gorge on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Luckily, we work in the best English department around, filled with colleagues who totally get how much fun this day is.  As in….

When we were the cast of The Great Gastby.

Or when we went as Greek mythological characters.

Or when we went as Peter Pan. (And though it’s hard to tell, yes, one of our teachers dressed in a black body suit–including full head coverage–to play the role of Peter Pan’s shadow.  Amazing.)

And thankfully, I married someone who gets just as into Halloween as I do.  I’d happily share the pics of us in our pre-child days of costumed glory, but most of them are super inappropriate, and I don’t want them burned into the collective interweb memory for the rest of eternity.

So now that I have wee ones to enact all of my matchy-matchy themed Halloween costume dreams on, Halloween has become even more magical.  And Dave and I take our family garb very seriously.  We prefer to go with movie themes each year: at first based on what we like–because infants’ tastes in cinematography suck–but then later based on the film preferences of our children.

Our first family costume was Sharknado (I mean, it was 2013 and this was super topical). Yep, there’s our baby Aiden as a shark, Dave as a DIY tornado, and me as Ian Ziering.

Then there was the year we went as Despicable Me because Aiden loved the minions.  I got this amazingly adorable hat on Etsy from CrochetCreations4You.

And, because of Aiden’s obsession with dinos, the year we went as Jurassic Park.  I think I make a rockin’ Jeff Goldblum.  And this onesie you can find from RnMoMo makes the cutest T-Rex around.

Clearly, when it comes to Halloween, I love a little DIY feel.  I’ve got to be honest; I hate the bagged costumes you get from Halloween stores.  They never fit right, they get really clingy, and they just look super cheap.  For me, it’s all about finding things you already have in your closet and hunting down a couple of perfect touches from Etsy or Amazon.  Here’s a rundown of my movie-themed costume ideas for the whole fam.

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Mom-Kevin // Dad-Russell // Baby-Little Ellie // Toddler-Carl and walker

Finding Nemo:

Mom-Marlin // Dad-Bruce the Shark // Baby-Dory // Toddler-Nemo

The Addams Family:

Mom-Morticia // Dad-Gomez // Baby-Wednesday with hair! // Toddler-Pugsley

Monsters Inc:

Mom-Sully // Dad-Monster’s Univerity Frat Boy with horns // Baby-Mike // Toddler-Boo


Mom-Tomatoa with gold backpack// Dad-Hei Hei // Baby-Maui with belt // Toddler-Moana

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