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Recently, Erinn and I made a friends date to go to Target.  We were a little over our marital, parental, and professional obligations, so we determined that the best therapy for our woes was retail in nature.  Besides, now that they’re redoing most of the Targets to feel like swanky department stores, we had to check out the current offerings and new digs.

Look how happy we are to drink sugar-laden milk drinks masquerading as coffee as we wander aimlessly up and down fluorescently-lit aisles without children or responsibilities.

I gotta hand it to this retail giant: you really get us.  And by “us,” I mean moms. You’ve figured out that we miss shopping for clothes on a whim, so you’ve found a way to bring the style to us, conveniently located next to the batteries and diaper cream.  “Oh, I need dish detergent and a gallon of milk, and I have to pass a row of suede blazers on my route; I suppose I should get it in two colors.”  You’ve figured out that we’re obsessed with HGTV design, but our children use markers with reckless abandon, so we can’t have nice things.  “I really need to buy a new couch, but the tornadoes of doom will ruin it within a week, so I’ll just pick up these festive $20 pillows instead.”  You’ve figured out that we have to be more responsible with our money because not only are we feeding four mouths, but there’s someone else with visual access to our credit card statements.  “OMG, if he sees one more Nordstrom box, he’s going to flip out, but I can totally hide these leggings under my ‘grocery budget.'”

We had three major objectives causing our wallets to twitch on this fateful day: winter clothing, Joanna Gaines’ new home line, and Christmas decor.  And guys, we were not disappointed.  So here’s what’s cute at the happiest place on earth.


MB’s picks: I was in mad love with this faux-leather skirt.  But I needed the one size they didn’t have, so no go for me.  I channeled my Italian mother with this cheetah-print sweater, but it was too short for me, even in the size up.  This ruffle sleeved sweater was a sure winner though–suitable for both work and holiday gatherings, but super super comfy.  For Thanksgiving I paired it with this skirt and these shoes, and I stuffed myself to the brim.

Erinn’s picks: So apparently I just can’t resist a fancy sleeve this season so I picked up this dress and rocked it for Thanksgiving. It literally was such an easy piece to throw on and long enough that I could get on the ground with the boys while still looking cute. And in true Erinn and MB fashion, I also bought the ruffle sleeve sweater in black. Expect to see both these a lot this holiday season!

Home Decor:

The dishware is probably the highlight of the Joanna Gaines collection.  I really like the artisinal-feel they have, like someone spun them in Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore fashion.  The green isn’t my favorite color, but I do love the black and cream options.  I desperately wanted to buy these tiny bowls, but I have a bit of a tiny bowl obsession, and I think Dave’s brain might implode if I brought one more tiny bowl into our home.  I did snag this adorable gold frame though, so it wasn’t a total loss.


MB’s picks: It’s too too good, guys.  Last December I documented my obsession with Christmas decor.  This year, I had to add more magic to my mantle.  Aiden really liked these little birds, so naturally I bought a bird family.  I also bought a bunch of these trees in a variety of colors. The Hearth & Home stockings pictured here are cute, but in the end I chose these monogrammed knit stockings for the kids and these fur-lined ones for us.  I went back later to get these Hearth & Home tealight candle holders, which I adore. I nabbed this wooden Advent decoration because it’s kind of like a puzzle, which is totally Aiden’s jam.  And I’m beyond obsessed with this workbench set as a gift for little people.

Erinn’s picks: I was literally a kid in a candy shop…skipping through the aisles and grabbing everything in  sight [and then promptly putting it back because I can’t afford it, haha]. I did pick up a few goodies though, like these adorable white ceramic mini-ornaments. Kain and I painted them together to add to the tree together! I couldn’t resist the calendar because it reminded me of one I had as a child and I remember moving the mouse each day closer and closer to Christmas. Can’t wait to make those memories with my boys.  And I keep finding myself drawn to little trees- whether it’s these white LED ones or the green pine needle trees, I’m clearly having a tree moment this Christmas.

So there you have it.  Our deep and profound love for Target on this most magical of seasons.  Happy shopping, moms!

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