What’s New in Tights?

I feel like we’re getting to that age where your bare legs start to look weird.  Does anyone else notice this? Like all of a sudden our knees are a little saggy, and our shins bruise for seemingly no reason.  As more and more maxi dresses make their way into my closet during the summer, when that crisp fall air blows through Chicago with the promise of a never-ending winter, I can’t wait to hike up the hem and throw on a pair of tights.

Tights totally make the fall and winter outfit.  And we’re not talking about pulling out those standard black opaque puppies because they have great control tops and hide your weird knees.  We’re talking about using tights as the fun accessory that brightens up your cozy winter neutrals.

Last winter, we were both pregnant and majorly bumming the loss of tights season.  Trust me, maternity tights are not nearly as cute as regular tights, so we basically lived in the same pair [yes, we purchased identical maternity tights] of black and grey tights all the winter long.  As Erinn lamented with such endearing earnestness: “I don’t even know what’s new with tights anymore!”

So we’re using this fall to bring back some of our old favorites and add some spice to our holidays and work attire.

Erinn’s picks:

I love tights in a pop of color that adds some visual interest to an otherwise boring black and white outfit. Outfit details- Bodysuit-WhoWhatWear for Target//Skirt-Nordstrom//Boots-DV for Target//Scarf-old, similar here



I am in love with Target’s new brand “A New Day” for easy work options and bonus! they also have tights that are super cute and comfy, like these striped ones. Outfit details- Dress-Zara, old, similar here//Boots- A New Day for Target



You can tell by my face that I’m not having it on this day, but at least my tights are fun! A love a nice print like this houndstooth. Outfit details- Sweater-A New Day//Skirt-Nordstrom//”Be Kind” T-shirt- Etsy//Boots-Ugg


MB’s picks:

I really loved the contrast of the opaque bottoms and sheer tops of these tights. It kind of made me feel like I was rocking a pair of grown-up thigh-highs. Dress-old, similar here // tights-Amazon // booties-old, similar here

More sheer/opaque combo tights:

These tights are way old, but I am obsessed with the grey vine that winds up the outside of each leg. These are my statement tights, and I get compliments on them every single time I wear them. When I get a run in these, I’ll cry. Sweater-Nordstrom // skirt-H&M // tights-old, similar here // shoes-BP Nordstrom, similar here

More floral tights:


I have a little bit of a plaid obsession in the colder months, so when I stumbled upon these purple plaid tights, I had to have them. Dress-old, similar here // jacket-old, similar here // tights-Hue // boots-Sam Edelman [no longer available, similar here]
More plaid tights:

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