Pop of Color

As a recovering black-on-black-on-black addict, as I’ve discussed here, every day is a struggle to rainbow-fy my wardrobe. I don’t have a perfect record, and if I buy one more black top or flowy cardigan, I’m going to officially become the physical embodiment of the stereotypical drama teacher who looks like she just walked out of rehearsal at New York’s actor’s studio.

Actual footage of what I probably look like teaching my drama classes.

As the genius Christopher Guest asked in his role as Nigel in This is Spinal Tap: “The question is how much more black could this be? And the answer is, none. None more black.”

So recovering addicts like myself have to consciously work to step out of our dark comfort zones, but frequently we turn to the next most comfortable shade: black’s cousin, grey. I mean, we’re not really fooling anyone. Grey is just black a little earlier in the night. So when we start doing black-on-black-on-grey, we end up with what Erinn’s stepdaughter refers to as a “groutfit”: an ensemble composed of slightly varying degrees of the same boring shade.

She’s totally right. For variety’s sake, we have to try to inch a little farther outside the black box [hey, hey, theater kids, see what I did there??] and attempt to incorporate a little pop of color into our favorite outfits de noir. I’m not talking crazy outside your box, like color-blocking or anything. I’m just talking about swapping out one black item in the black-on-black-on-black ensemble for something a little more prism-spectral.

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I may not be all about pink to the degree that Erinn is [which she originally wrote about here], but I do have a special spot in my heart for the decidedly soft and feminine shade of blush. It’s like baby pink all grown up, and it’s light enough that it offers a strong contrast without being too bold. So instead of throwing on my go-to grey pencil skirt with my fave black sweater and vest, I decided to, literally, lighten things up with this cozy blush knit.

I found this knit skirt at a small boutique in Galena, IL that imports all their stuff from Italy, and I fell in love immediately.
Skirt-similar here // Vest-old, similar here // Sweater-old, similar here // Booties-Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, similar here

More blush pops:


You know I love me some animal print! I think it’s just part of the rite of passage for Italian-American women. Day 1: Carbs. Day 2: Cheetah print. I bought this bomber jacket at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, convinced I’d wear it like once. But it turns out that I love it as an alternative to my usual black blazer with black skinny jeans.

Jacket-Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, similar here // Jeans-Target // Booties-Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, similar here

More cheetah pops:


I believe in the power of a good chambray. They’re easy and casual, and when you wash them enough times, they get buttery soft. So instead of pairing my wide leg black pants with another black top, I decided to keep things low-key with denim instead.

Top-old, similar here // Pants-H&M// Booties-old, similar here

More denim pops:

I’m hoping that my plan to add a pop of color to my black-on-black clothing will help me feel a little less bleak in these cold winter months and last me until spring!

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