Our babies turned one this month.  And as much joy as we have for this celebration, there’s a bittersweetness there too.  Mostly because they’re our last babies.  So the end of this year marks a close to a lot of the mothering experience for us: the last time we’re pregnant, the last newborn smell, the last middle-of-the-night nursing session when it seems no one else in the world is awake except you two, the last first word, the last first steps, the last time a tiny hand curiously pushes an index finger into a tiny birthday cake and smears it all over their face, the last person to call us “mama.”

So, as much as our Pinterest feeds would like to insist that we go all out with the big themed birthday party, this year, we’re keeping things much closer to home.  When I decided a couple years ago that I was done with the big Pinterest party thing, it completely changed my approach to kids’ parties and thus changed my life.   Small and simple is the way to go, especially for a first birthday.  The baby will never remember the party, so really, the party is for us: the moms.  It’s a chance to celebrate the last year, the one year when we were the most important person in the world for this little human.  The year our bond was cemented, before anyone else’s.  The year that little heart that we built from scratch came out to see the world for the first time.

And, as luck would have it, not only did we get to be pregnant together, on maternity leave together, and navigating through the world of being moms of two together, we got to be at each other’s celebrations of a really special year.

This birthday angel came on March 3 and has stolen our hearts every day for a year. She smiles with her whole face, eats everything in sight, and just lights up when she sees her big brother. She is fierce, funny, and fearless.
This girl sticks to me like glue. Her happiest place is in my arms, and every time she rests her head on my shoulder, it’s my favorite part of the day. I hope she loves me this much forever.
Witnessing the relationship building between these two is my favorite part of being a mom of two. I hope he always tries to make her feel better when she cries. I hope she always bursts into smiles when she sees him.
Dave may have accidentally matched Aiden, but I totally matched Baby Lottie on purpose! MB’s outfit: skirt-Target, similar here // boots-Nordstrom, similar here // top-old, similar here :: Dave’s outfit: pants-Zara, similar here // shirt-Zara, similar here // cardigan-old, similar here :: Lottie’s dress-Old Navy :: Aiden’s outfit: cardigan-Zara, similar here // pants-old, similar here
Only the baby of an Italian grandmother would get not one, but two homemade cakes for her birthday. The time-honored tradition of the cheesecake was her favorite!
Aiden never touched his first birthday cake, a struggle I’ve written about here. So this moment nearly brought me to tears of sheer joy and gratitude.
I bought some flowers for centerpieces, a couple of hanging lanterns on Amazon, and called it decorations. We went with no-fuss pizza, pasta, and cake. Surrounded by our closest family, I got to spend the whole party laughing and chasing around this little one instead of worrying about themes and a curated sweet table. Simple first birthday+no stress=heart full.


I feel like motherhood has been so different each time around. My first, as we know, has always been a daddy’s boy, but this little man is my constant attachment and just like MB I love every minute of it. I love that his little personality is beginning to shine through! He’s silly, determined and inquisitive!
I know I will totally miss the moments where all he wants is for me to hold him as he is learning to navigate the world, so I’m trying to soak it up as much as I can. And because of that, I went even simpler than Kain’s first birthday for this one. Literally a dino birthday banner, some flowers and pizza. That’s it. Outfit details: ‘One’ Shirt- Amazon//My shirt- WhoWhatWear for Target
As MB said, with everything we have to be grateful for about this past year, getting to share it together has by far been one of the best parts!

I cannot explain how happy this photo makes me feel; to get to see my grandma, gigi, and my baby together is something I will never forget!
The eyes say it all!! I cannot wait to see where the journey will take us with this little man!






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