Teacher Style Round-Up

I have this recurring nightmare about the first day of school where I show up to greet the students wearing *GASP* a twin cardigan set, mom-jeans and an apple-bead necklace! I wake up in a cold sweat, before slowly reassuring myself that this is not reality. But not too long ago, this would have been my fate as a teacher. Relegated to the confines of shapeless muumuus, holiday vests and school-themed jewelry galore.

There is no better example of how teachers are bucking this tradition/nightmare than at the school where we teach. And just like our teaching styles, our fashion choices as teachers are unique. We’ve asked a few of our friends to get in on the action and share some of their amazing style below!

Assistant Principal Christina:

Christina’s Style: “I think my style is more classic with some element of fun always mixed in.  I wear a lot of neutrals and solids, but I love to pop in an animal print, rich texture, or a fun shoe. I like pieces that are unique, but wearable, and my first question that I always ask is, “Is it comfy?” because if it’s not, I’m not buying it! ”

Fave shopping: Nordstrom and Zara

English Teacher Jessie:

Jessie’s Style: “These days my professional style has become more comfortable than it used to be, but I’m also trying to obtain a more “sophisticated” wardrobe as I get older.  I often go for an all-black look because I think it’s easy to build with textures and doesn’t require much thought – throw on a strong lip and a good shoe and you’re good to go. My sister, mom, and grandmother have always dressed like this and always looked chic in my opinion, so I’m ok going down that road.”

Fave shopping: Madewell and Zara

Dean Alexis:

Alexis’ Style: “So I guess I would describe my fashion as feminine and leading towards the classic over trendy. Is denim feminine a term? I think that is me. I love dainty pieces of jewelry. I’m not sure if that is fashion over function, but mostly I keep everything on or else I forget to wear it! Jeans and a cute shirt. That is most definitely me. I also love anything with a cheetah print. Kind of doesn’t match but at the same time matches with everything. ”

Fave Shopping: The Rack, Anthropologie, Lululemon

Art Teacher Kara:

Kara’s Style: “As a mom of two, with another baby on the way, I like to feel comfortable but love pretty flowing pieces. I love Free People,  Anthropology, and Madewell. I like unique and colorful tops paired with skinny jeans-this is my go to. As as art teacher, I am running around and working with a variety of materials, which leads to a love for flat shoes. Fridays might be my favorite where I get to sport my Mather wear and a pair of Vans.”

English Teacher MR:

MR’s Style: “As a teacher by day and doc student by night, I need clothes and shoes that will get me through some marathon days. It’s easy to lose your own sense of self and style in the world of work, so I also try to incorporate pieces that are true to who I am as a person outside of work (plus, I get bored easily and like to mix things up). On any given day, you might see me in anything from Docs to dress slacks to 4 inch heels to a concert t-shirt. The two outfits shown here both incorporate elements of professional (a good blazer can jazz up any outfit) and of comfortable. As a 5’0” tall woman, finding a good petite fit is easier said than done; LOFT has a fanstastic selection of petite styles and is my go-to store for work clothes and for blazers, including both shown in these pictures.

I’ve been rockin’ Chucks since the 7th grade, and I opted for these ones here to help me survive a crazy Monday of pushing around laptop carts and doing drama games with my students. While avoiding overtly political messages, I also try to represent who I am and in what I believe; some of my favorites come from Black on Black‘s Allies & Champions collection, and Sevenly, where the “Read, Learn, Grow” longsleeved shirt shown here is from. It’s hard to find the time for shopping, so I’ve found some great stuff through Stich Fix (both pairs of jeans shown here), and Rocksbox, where I got the Kendra Scott necklace I’m wearing in the second picture, which helped to dress up my field trip chaperoning outfit that day.”

Law Academy Teacher Allison:

Allison’s Style: “As an active person my whole life, I’ve always been more drawn to cute workout clothes than trendy outfits.  Of course I always want to look cute (who doesn’t?!), but usually choose comfort first.  So, my style has evolved into the cutest version of comfortable I can create!  This evolution has created what I call a simple, classic style. Also as a teacher, the comfortable style helps me feel better about moving around all day!  I like to collect versatile pieces that can be rearranged and put together in multiple ways.  My favorite time of year is when I can put on a cute dress, with a scarf or light jacket and some sandals and head out! ”

Fave Shopping: Nordtrom Rack and Gap

English and Drama Teacher MB:

MB’s Style: “Structured comfort is how I’d describe my work attire.  I’ve never met a blazer I didn’t love. Same with t-shirts.  Put your hands together and add a distressed jean or high-waisted moto pant, and that’s pretty much me every day.  I gravitate towards black [obvi], pattern mixing, and juxtaposed elements of feminine and menswear or casual and business-y.

Fave shopping: Nordstrom, Zara, H&M

English Teacher Erinn:

Erinn’s Style: I would describe my style as anything goes! I am honestly up for anything and love to try new styles, colors, trends, prints, you name it. I’m constantly looking for new ways to wear my old pieces which means that I don’t wear the same look twice. My go-to style would have to be some sort of cute dress with boots and I’m out the door.

Fave Shopping: Zara, Loft, Target

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