The Buddy System: Fitness Goals

When the babies turned one not long ago, we looked at each other and said, “Ok, this year we gotta find a way back to ourselves.” But in actuality, I’m not exactly sure we can ever find our way back to who we were before. I found myself wondering if that person even truly exists anymore. So maybe what we really meant, was that we need to find our way back to caring about ourselves again and taking care of ourselves like we used to. Then, maybe in some small way, we can become ourselves.

The first step on this journey we decided would be committing to working out. I always have my mom in the back of my head when I head out on a run or to yoga class. She would say, “If I didn’t run, I would kill someone.” As I child I took this literally of course and was very happy that she ran her heart out almost every day. Now, I absolutely understand what she means…and that it is only slightly less literal than I interpreted as a child! Working out really is a way for both MB and I to spend time away from our children and work and detox, but finding the time and the motivation these days hasn’t been easy. But, here we go. We are each setting a fitness goal for the next year and talking about how to use the tried and true “buddy system” to hold each other accountable!

Erinn’s Fitness Goals:

For me, it’s all about the routine and doing something I actually enjoy! Even though running is sometimes the most convenient, it’s not always my favorite thing to do and because I’m super out of shape in that sense, it’s a struggle these days. What I do really enjoy is circuit training and yoga-preferably hot. Because working out 5 days a week just isn’t in the cards for me right now, three days is where I’ll start: two days of circuit training [that can totally be done at home] and one hot yoga session at the end of the week to sweat out all the stress of the week. So I have also realized that I need actual physical incentive to keep me going. Which is probably why I have an obscene collection of cute yoga pants! Because I am NOT allowed to buy any more workout clothing right now, I’m making myself this cute little workout schedule and posting it on my mirror in my bathroom. That way I cannot avoid it!

MB’s Fitness Goals:

For me, I need a workout that’s cheap.  Let’s face it, I have two kids in day care right now, which basically means I have two mortgages.  Gone are the days of attending trendy spin classes or joining a posh gym in the city with a fab juice bar.  Running is free.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  I don’t love it, but it does the job.  When I first started running a few years ago, I was determined to work up to a 5k, which I did and was really proud of. I plan to get myself back into the groove and be 5k ready by fall. I too am aiming for three days a week for my workout regimen, but unlike Erinn, I know that once I get home and the kids are put to bed, this tired body is going to stay supine the rest of the night.  So I plan on maximizing my amazing work schedule and running either on my prep period or right after school before I get the kids.  And, also like Erinn, I too need a physical incentive.  But my wallet and body are in no place to be buying new clothes right now, so instead I’m working towards inspiration photos: skinny me right before I got pregnant.  Call it trite or cheesy, but having a realistic image to work towards helps keep me focused.  [It also helped inspire the willpower to give away the new jar of Nutella I bought last night when I was looking for these pics!]

The Buddy System:

So with our individual commitments in mind, we decided that we have to rely on one another to hold us accountable. It’s way more fun to work out with a buddy, but since our lives don’t always allow for us to drop everything and do some vinyasas together, we devised a plan to check in instead.

  1. Work out three times a week AND YOU MUST DOCUMENT IT! That means taking a selfie or a photo of whatever form of workout you chose.
  2. Send the picture proof to your partner with a cute little blurb about the workout.
  3. At the end of each month, we get a celebration [brunch, a mini-shopping spree, mani-pedi, something] if we actually stick to our goals.
  4. Record our progress and share here with all of you!

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