Fitness Goals: Monthly Update

A month ago we wrote about making fitness goals and holding ourselves accountable using the buddy system [original post here] because apparently in your 30’s you can’t eat whatever you want consequence-free. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it.  I’m queen of goal-setting one minute and the-diet-starts-tomorrowing the next minute.  But having an accountability partner has definitely helped us both to stay motivated and focused.

Our rules were simple:

  1. Exercise three times a week.
  2. Take a picture for proof and send it to accountability partner.
  3. If we make it through a month, we get a prize.

I have to say, I’m really proud of both of us.  And we must be on to something because we got the stamped seal of approval: my husband didn’t think our ideal was moronic and asked if he could join our accountability team.  So here’s our assessment of the past month:

MB’s accountability:

I was raised Catholic, so you need to understand that guilt is extremely effective on me.  There were a couple of days when I really was feeling too whiny and lazy to run, but that pic from Erinn’s workout would guilt me right into my yoga pants.  And the whole incentive at the end of the line didn’t hurt either.  I was at the end of a week and needed to get one more workout in to hit my quota, but a last-minute meeting with a colleague deprived me of valuable running time before I had to get the kids.  When I looked at my watch, I had a decision to make: just go pick up the kids or run as hard as I could in the twelve minutes I had to spare.  Usually, the latter option wouldn’t have even occurred to me, but knowing that this decision could put my prize in jeopardy, I hit that pavement like it was my job.

The results: Out of the four weeks, I worked out three times a week for all of them except one, but I think I should get that week because I traded a run for a full weekend of loading and unloading boxes onto and off of a truck, so my legs and arms definitely got a workout.  I’ve lost 3.6 pounds, which I know isn’t the whole point [but it really is a big point for me], so there’s that.  And now it’s time to collect my prize!  I decided that my prize should be a new pair of high-waist pants because my fave pair is now too loose.  Bonus!  Here are some I’m eyeing:

Erinn’s accountability:
I’ll be honest, this was harder for me than I thought. For some reason my motivation for working out these days is just about zero, but every time I would get a pic from MB I would snap out of it and get my ass out there. In some ways this worked for me because of the competition. I didn’t realize I ACTUALLY was competitive until now. Ha. But for what it’s worth, it drove me to hit the trails or pack up my bag to yoga and I have to say, each time I was reminded why working out is so valuable to me…I found myself. I found myself in the quiet streets before everyone is awake on the weekend. I found myself in the intentional words of my yoga instructor. I actually have no idea if I have lost weight or not because I try really hard not to pay attention to the number on the scale. But what I did gain is clarity. And that is something invaluable to me…Ok and I get a prize. Prizes are always good.
I’ve been really wanting a cobalt blue dress for summer and so this is the perfect time to get one. Here’s a few I’m coveting:

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