Women [Maxi] Dress for Other Women

Recently an old friend came over and relayed to me her tale of getting dressed that evening. Once she had labored over her closet and selected a lovely summer frock, her husband wrinkled his nose and said, “You know, men don’t like maxi dresses.” My friend defiantly and heroically retorted, “Women don’t dress for men; we dress for other women.”

And there’s such truth to this. If my husband professed disdain over my ensemble, I’m pretty sure I’d stare at him vacantly and pick up my purse and car keys. The concept of dressing to impress men at my age seems laughable. But you best believe that if I’m going to an all-gal pal brunch, it’s going to be a carefully curated fashion moment. Who the f*** cares what men think of what we wear? It takes men five minutes to throw on a combination of their shockingly mundane options of pants and shirts. This does not make them style experts. They have no idea the realms of possibility that both plague and delight women when they open their closet doors.

So in defiance of my friend’s husband’s opinion, I’d like to explain to any maxi doubters out there why these dresses are essential to our summer wardrobe.

1. They conceal a myriad of sins. Drank too much rose? Haven’t lost the “baby weight” now that the baby is sixteen months old? Didn’t feel like shaving your legs this morning? Maxi has got you covered. Literally. The excess flowy fabric on these puppies is like a bandaid on your life choices.

My dress-Target, old [similar here and here] // my hat-old, similar here // Aiden’s top-Old Navy // Lottie J’s dress-Old Navy, similar here
2. They’re versatile. Maxis cannot be labeled. What other garment could you bust out for a bathing suit cover-up, weekend of errands, and date night out? None but maxi, my friends. And I have worn maxis for all these functions.

My dress-Target // Lottie J’s dinosaur top-Baby Gap, similar here

3. They embolden your patterned wardrobe. In a sea of black, black, and grey, it can be daunting to purchase a pattern that’s out of your comfort zone. But not with maxis. They come in not just rainbow colors, but every pattern imaginable. And the louder the better. You can’t get too gaudy with a maxi dress. You can be covered head to toe in unicorn cat print, and your friends will applaud your bold choice.

My dress-old, similar here // sunnies-old, similar here // Lottie J’s swimsuit-Hanna Andersson

4. They’re freaking comfortable. They leave room for a little breeze between the legs on a hot summer day. There’s no elastic around your midsection to define your muffin top. You can bend down to pick up the pacifier the baby dropped for the twelfth time without flashing your post-birth whoo-hah to onlookers at the park. And now that bras and bralettes are designed for public consumption, you’re not constrained to a soul-crushing strapless bra. So why wouldn’t you wear this genius invention?

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