Lazy Summer Days: My Top Ten Favorite Things About Summer

Please excuse my daydream…I’m currently drudging my way through a particularly painful bout of summer school and so to pass the time, I’m coming up with a list of my favorite things I’d rather be doing in the summer! You better bet I’ll being doing these things on repeat in approximately 7 days!

1. Summer Dresses: I love a good dress year round, but there’s something so effortless about throwing on a maxi, or my favorite cami dress and heading out the door in the summertime. It literally requires no thinking about accessorizing or color coordinating. Just one choice and done. Perfect for my future summer state of mind.

 2. Dirty Hair, Don’t Care: I’ve been known to go close to a week without washing my hair in the summertime, because let’s be honest, it’s up in a bun or pony or a braid every single day to beat the heat. In the summer, I feel like I can stretch this further than the winter with just a little dry shampoo. Saves me money on shampoo and conditioner!!

3. Going to the park: Not that this can’t be done in spring/fall, but there is just something about the park in the summer when their little cheeks get pink and smiles are a foregone conclusion. The extra daylight makes for even more time on the swings or 10 more chances to go down the slide, while I get to soak up some vitamin D in pure joy!

4. Iced Lattes: My husband hates cold coffee [“coffee should be hot; beer should be cold”], but I love when the weather turns warm and I get to switch it up for that Iced Hazelnut Latte. It’s like having my morning pick-me up and a dessert all at the same time.

5. No/Less Makeup: One of the absolute best things about summer, is that makeup is a non-necessity. Or at least I make it that way. I try on most days [when I’m not a summer school] to avoid any makeup other than mascara because I know I’ll be running around outside getting sweaty or at the beach or splash pad, where foundation streaming down your face is not a good look. Strangely, the older I get, the more comfortable I am without any makeup at all and I actually look forward to it. If I do throw anything on in the summer, it’s tinted sunscreen, mascara and lip balm.

6. Boy’s Summer Uniform: Not that it gets super complicated to dress a toddler in the fall and winter, but only having to wrestle them to the ground to put on two items of clothing is a win for me. I love the target tees and shorts by cat and jack. Cheap and durable and they come in so many fun colors!

7. Flip Flops: Now, yes, wearing flip flops does require a pedicure or at least polish on my toes, but it’s still the easiest footwear out there! Nothing to zip up. Nothing to lace up. No heels to stumble in. Just pure toe harmony. Plus they are super easy to slip off and dig my toes in the sand.

8. Post pool/beach nap: There is nothing like the after-pool, after-beach nap. Everyone crashes for a good two hours or more and the house becomes silent. Even I get in on the nap action after the beach in all it’s sandy, sweaty glory.

9. Outside dining: I can definitely say that we don’t do this enough, but I am all about eating outside in the summer- at a restaurant or at home in the backyard on the deck. The beauty of eating outside is the built-in child entertainment!

10. White wine: Enough Said. MB and I agree…white wine is the new rose!

Last year, this guy was too little to really get the full effect of the playground. Now I ca barely keep up with him as he climbs up after his big bro! He has absolutely NO FEAR!

Wherever he goes he has a ball in his hands…sometimes two!!

This guy loves to climb and run and jump so the summer time is by far the best with him!

Every good playground session should end with a trip for cheesecurds and fries. The language of love as far as I’m concerned!
Brother Love!!!!

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