Natural Summer

You need to know that I have been wearing makeup since I was twelve. And not in the lip gloss and mascara kind of way. Like a full face of makeup for the last 23 years. Trust me when I say that my Caboodle was brimming with Clinique and Urban Decay product.

So it came as a huge shock to no one more than me when I stopped wearing makeup this summer. There was no bare-is-better manifesto or #nofilter revolution; I think it started as pure old-fashioned laziness. I pulled out my BB cream one morning and sighed heavily at the daunting task of starting my makeup routine. So I put it back.

I’m not saying you’d never catch me fresh-faced outside; I’m not contouring before a workout or anything. But lately I’ve been going to highly uncharacteristic places for my face to be caught naked. I’m talking my summer job, food festivals, and back to school parent events. And I just don’t care.

And this lackadaisical attitude towards how my face looks is bleeding into my parenting. I seem every bit the mom who puts her daughter in curated outfits with coordinating hair accessories, and I totally am usually, but this summer, I’m just letting her run around in a t-shirt and diaper. My son has jumped on the do-what-feels-good bandwagon too. I used to be pretty strict about jammies belonging to the hours of 8pm-8am, but these days if my pj-loving kid wants out of his clothes at 4pm, who am I to argue? You know what? We’re all pretty comfortable.

Now I’m not saying this is a forever thing. As soon as Labor Day hits and the school year officially begins, I’ll probably be back to my old routine. But while I soak in the last few precious days of summer, I’m doing so without a brush, a cream, or a powder in sight.

This is where our natural movement started: the annual family VRBO Michigan house. The only thing on my face all week was sunscreen. I never even took my makeup case out of my luggage.

No wrinkles, no skin cancer, and no makeup for me!
Living her best life.
And living mine.
This kid wore nothing but swimsuits and jammies. Heaven.
I wish I could be this free. Pants are pointless.
Yup, still daylight out and in jammies already.
This is my beautiful sister-in-law and her adorable and appropriately dressed child taking an evening stroll. With my son. In his pjs and gym shoes.
I can’t even argue.
Usually I’d never post a close-up of myself without a stitch of makeup on, but who cares? Look how cute my brother and nephew are.
The most natural, hippie thing I’ve ever done. Just two girls in jammies and a diaper waking barefoot through the neighborhood. My mother was horrified.

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