DIY Wood Wall: The Great Wall of Herringbone

Like all good Millennials in their 30’s, Dave and I think we’ve watched enough HGTV to be considered DIY experts.  So when he had the idea to create a wood feature wall in our living room, I was all in.  This was not our first foray into the DIY feature wall arts [see this post on creating a birch tree wall in a nursery], but it was a step up for us because it involved the use of saws-n-things.

Enter my super handy brother, Nic, to the rescue with all the tools.  We purchased these uber-convenient weathered wood boards from Home Depot and borrowed Nic’s miter saw and nail gun, and we were set to go…or so we thought.

We initially thought we wanted to nail the boards horizontally, but pivoted when we looked at the arrangement options on the box-o-boards and spotted instructions for a herringbone pattern.

So the boys immediately set to work creating this.  Whereupon I noticed  that the center point for the arrow looked a little…off.  DIY life lesson for you: follow directions before you start cutting and nailing things to a wall.  Luckily, the boards popped right back out, so we tore everything down and started from scratch.  DIY life lesson 2: that whole “measure twice, cut once” adage is just good advice.

And before you think that I sat back and sipped coffee while the boys toiled away, I’d like to talk about the ecstasy of holding a nail gun.  You guys, I’m hooked.  I have never felt so powerful in my life.  I am seriously contemplating buying one of these things and nailing crap all over my life.

Yes, I nailed wood boards to my wall in a sundress. There are no rules.

Thanks to some excellent teamwork [and mostly the brains and brawn of my younger brother], we finished the wall in one day.

The DIY dream team.
The final project.

After we finished the herringbone wall, we had a bunch of wood left over.  Not wanting to waste cash money and fueled by the empowerment of power tools, we determined that we could add a wood feature wall to our powder room.  Now, I have the most boring powder room in the world.  It’s just beige.  A lot of beige.  And a brown vanity.  And a brown mirror. Blah.  But all of our decorating energy and money went into the other rooms, so we just kind of put up with it.  But this seemed like a perfect opportunity to give it a little burst of visual interest for our guests while they poop or whatever.

I need to talk about the spiritual experience I had in this powder room.  At this point in the evening, Nic left to go back to his adoring family and Dave set out to make a gourmet Saturday dinner, so I decided that I could do this whole project by myself.  And when this Italian sets her mind to do something because she’s hosting a group of 20 the following day for lunch and would sooner die than have an unfinished project underway, by God she’s going to do it.  I have never been more proud of myself.

My baby!!
That’s right, I did this!

One day, two power tools, and six boxes of wood later, we have two new feature walls.  Don’t worry, we’re already planning our next project and I will update with the next installment of amateur DIY adventures!

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