We’re Back: Fall Apple Picking

Aaaaaaannnnnddd we’re back! I’m sure you all missed us immensely as we took a rather long hiatus from posting [mostly it’s just because we were lazy-ha], but we are back with one of our favorite fall pasttimes…apple picking. Even though we have been apple picking with the fams before, this year seemed especially significant because our little ones are finally old enough to truly appreciate the tradition, and consequently make our lives a bit more chaotic by not just having to reign in just one little person, but two. Let’s just say they’re lucky they are so cute, because mama needed a big nap after this family outing! Or maybe a glass of wine–or both!

With that said, it’s hard to be grumpy about the massive crowds and insane prices when you see the looks on their faces when they realize they can run up and down the endless rows of apple trees and sample the goods until their bellys ache. I will never forget the first time hearing each of my boys yelling “apple, apple!” with tiny hands reaching up to the highest branch. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

And so even though this is the true reason we go apple picking each year, one cannot disregard the opportunity to pick out a cute outfit for those inevitable and requisite picture taking opportunities. As MB and I discovered, though, our fashion choices this year spoke volumes about where we are in our lives right now.

Erinn’s Apple Picking Outfit:

I woke up on this day and I could smell it. Fall had arrived. And so like any good fashion addict, I rushed to my closet to put together my first fall assemble complete with cozy cardigan to snuggle up in. I used to laugh at people like this. You know, those people who would jump the gun at the first hint of summer and break out the short shorts and take the tops down on their convertibles. But apparently, I am now one of these people. I totally jumped the gun. I was so eager to get into fall-mode, complete with salted caramel mochas and uggs, that I failed to look at what the temperature would be like 2 hours into the future. And let’s just say I paid for it. I was apple-deep, swatting mosquitoes before I finally conceded and took off my cardigan. My outfit was ruined. But the day was not!

This day actually gave me a lot think about. Am I too eager to skip past parts of my life and get to the “next phase”, “the easier phase”? Am I missing it? It’s times like this that remind me I do need to slow down and be in the moment. THIS is the moment. Not in a few years, not next season, right now. Maybe that’s a lot to take away from one outfit choice, but for me sometimes the simplest moments reveal so much.

MB’s Apple Picking Outfit:

The best part about being a Midwesterner is fall, and apple picking is like the opening of the autumnal games, an annual obsession I have of course documented here and here. Once I get my hand clasped around that Honey Crisp, that’s it: time for sweaters and boots and pumpkin spice lattes [sorry, not sorry]. But on the day I had planned to get my fall on, Mother Nature had not yet figured out that it was sweater weather.

Unlike Erinn, I was keenly aware of the forecast. 90 degrees.  Too hot for jeans, let alone an entire fall ensemble and PSL.  But with a jam-packed September looming and a Honey Crisp window quickly evaporating, this was our group’s only chance to drive to Wisconsin, hop on a wagon, and make a mad dash for the good apples before the other Chicagoans could claw their way into the orchard.

I too learned a little bit about myself this day.  Sweat is my least favorite accessory.  So much so that I am willing to break all the rules so that I can be comfortable.  No white after Labor Day?  Sorry, fashion, but mama needs a light-reflector to ward off the evil summer sun.  Dresses aren’t for farms?  No thanks, I’ll risk catching my hem on a wayward branch if I can avoid a day full of swamp ass.

But yes, I will shove three apple cider doughnuts in my mouth, thank you.  It’s fall, after all.

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