We’re Back!

It’s been awhile! To quell any fears or curiosities, nothing catastrophic happened to us. Life is pretty much the same as it’s always been; we’re still teaching in the same school in Chicago, we’re still best friends, and we’re still shopping way too much.

Our hiatus really started back in the fall when we each took on extra work responsibilities that really felt like side hustles, and we lost the one common prep period we always have together to gossip, take pictures, and blog. This separation had us pretty bummed; we lost our consistent hang-out time and we lost the blog. But we definitely didn’t lose contact.

And that’s how it goes with friends when you’re in your 30’s, right? Life happens: jobs get crazy, kids get overwhelming, and homes get in need of serious attention (and money!) It’s easy to lose touch with the girlfriends you used to have Wine Wednesdays or Happy Hours with on the regular before schedules became more complicated. If time has taught me anything, it’s that in order to maintain these friendships from your 20’s, you have to get creative about redefining the way you make time for each other in your 30’s. And that’s really the beauty of group texts, Snap Chat, and Facetime; it gives us connection without requiring a huge time commitment or plane fair.

So when Erinn and I lost our 8th period together, we had to step it up in other ways. We started doing daily texts, usually beginning around 5:30am when we both knew the other had been up with a cranky two year old for probably an hour already.  

Yes, it may seem like most of the time we talk about kids, online shopping, and wine, but let’s be honest, that’s what occupies most of our non-work hours these days.  And besides, texting really isn’t a time to talk about one’s deepest, darkest fears or secrets or anything.  It’s the simple act of reaching out that keeps you connected, that shows you’re thinking about each other through both the stress and the minutiae of life.   

We also started doing something pretty new for us since having kids; we borrowed weekend time with our families to meet up for lunch or shopping. And we didn’t feel even slightly guilty about it.  Recently we checked out an amazing independent design show in Chicago that we can’t believe we didn’t know about, Show of Hands.  This place is like a high end craft show with the most fabulous jewelry, home goods, baby clothes, and candles.  It was a much-needed day for these two besties to sit across the table from each other for a meal without the distraction of kids, toast to life, and support local businesses with some champagne and shopping!

What Erinn bought:

It’s hard to tell, but these tiny twist earring from Mashalla are just outside of my comfort zone. I typically wear tiny studs, but I love that these can add a little something extra to a casual work or weekend outfit. 

I’ve been wearing these girl power earrings ever since we left the show! They are by far my favorite purchase and No Kitchen Sink has made a customer for life with their cheeky goodies!

I’m a huge sucker for anything zodiac, so when I stumbled (really…I might have stumbled) upon this constellation necklace from Mashalla, it was love at first sight!

Earth Cadets was one vendor we were both looking forward to [we had properly stalked it a few days before] and so we knew we would be spending lots of time browsing for the kids! Obviously this guy was NOT into wearing a sweatshirt or having his picture taken or both, but I absolutely love this alphabet look! I picked this one up for myself too-

Notorious RBG - unisex t-shirt

Once again, not a lot of cooperation for pics, but the dragon tee was a bit hit with both of us for the kids. He really is excited folks, I promise.

What MB bought:

These cutie pie spike drop earrings are from Wybo design

Earth Cadet was a big win for the family!  Lottie J. and I got matching Notorious RBG shirts and Dave and Aiden snagged matching Honest Abe tees.

Not pictured, but highly prized:

  1. A stunning body chain from Bella Colletta.  Fun fact: the designer is my neighbor!
  2. A cool alcohol infusing kit from Aged & Infused for Dave to feel like he’s a whiskey maker.  He loved it so much, he bought two more for his brother!
  3. Home reed diffuser in Tobacco Tonka from Edgewater Candles.  Dave loved this scent so much, he ordered the rollerball cologne!
  4. Candles from my new favorite candle shop, Hearth & Hammer.  All of these candles have literary themed names, so this English teacher fell hook, line, and sinker.  And they smell amazing-I bought five!
  5. Some really fun and quirky jewelry from Mashallah, which boasts the sweetest sales gal I’ve ever met.

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