5 Thing That Make Us Happy

Currently we are in a slow death march to the end of the school year. While schools in the burbs will be tossing their notebooks and pencils in the air as they peel out of the parking lot for summer break, here in the city, we trudge on. The inevitable simultaneous exhaustion and rage have crept to our psyches and at this point, it seems like there is no return. When will this school year end????

But, to be fair, I also am a bit sad, as I am every year to see another flock leave the nest. I brace myself for tears that I know will come when I read their names and see them cross that stage and step into a new phase of their life. And for this, I am eternally grateful that I am part of what shapes their future. Right now though? I just want summer here so I can look back fondly, instead of grumbling from the inside.

This is the time of year when it takes everything we have not to turn into those wretched versions of ourselves that are personified in all teacher folklore. And so because of this, MB and I have our tiny, yet effective, list of things that keep smiles on our faces and make us happy:) P.S. Shockingly wine is not one of them!

5 Things That Make Us Happy

  1. Sneakers

The school year is 40 weeks long.  You can’t expect a gal to wear heels for 200 days!  And yes, I love me a cute strappy sandal, gladiator, or fun wedge, but some of those puppies squeeze my hot, sweaty, wide-set feet within an inch of their lives.  So instead of strutting around on what appear to be sausage casings, I need to just toss on a pair of sneakers to fly footloose and fancy-free during my day.

My fave new spring kicks are made by Ellen for Nordstrom!

2. Subtly Political, Yet Overtly Fabulous Feminist T-shirts

Sometimes we forget how strong and powerful we are when our patience wanes and our fatigue strengthens.  So to rekindle our girl empowerment [not to mention modeling our embrace of girl empowerment to our female students], sometimes we need a Superman-esque shirt to bare, emblazoned with our favorite bad-ass femme superhero.

RBG shirt can be found here, here, and here.

 Very into snarky feminist T-shirts like MB’s and this one from Earth Cadets! 3. Pants That Feel Like Sweatpants

Elastic drawstring waist instead of a zipper?  Sign us up!  Sweatpants are definitely not considered appropriate work wear, so this is the next best thing.  

I have these joggers from GAP in three colors. They’re super old, but they have a similar style here.

4. Hair Scarves

So we all know that oily hair requires a braid, pony, or bun, obvi.  But with the addition of a cute hair accessory, the casual updo gets a huge elevation of fancy.  Bonus, when used like a headband, it hides the roots that still have to wait a week or two to get a touch-up.

I’m a sucker or a colorful scarf! Some of my faves here and here. Dress from Target.

Kind-of-but-not-totally Bare Legs

There’s that weird transition between tights season and bare legs season when your knees get all squinty from the bright light of day and your skin suddenly looks translucent and laced with odd old-age bruises that make you confused because you can’t remember bumping into anything.  So we skate the in-between with some Sally Hansen Air Brushed Legs to jump our old lady legs out of winter shock.

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