Good Hair

Picture it. Chicago. 2014. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. And my nearly-waist length mermaid hair is billowing casually in the early summer breeze.

Now, picture this. 2019. Me. In front of my mirror every morning, crying a little on the inside when my measly strands of postpartum hair fall flat and stringy above my shoulders.

After two babies and lots of years of pulling, chemically-treating and abusing our hair, it’s finally just given up. More and more ends up on the bathroom floor and those once lustrous braids have become a thing of the past.

Before and during pregnancy. “Good Hair”

We could honestly spend hours scrolling through old pics and lamenting lost strands. Looking on instagram isn’t any help either. How do all these moms have such amazing hair while we are weeping on the bathroom floor [ok, maybe not that dramatic, but still]?

Enter Barefoot Blonde Hair. That’s right, we are now the proud owners of our very own set of fake hair. Take that post-pregnancy hormones! If it’s about making ourselves feel just a tiny bit more confident then we are all for throwing some money at the problem. Check out our foray into hair extensions below.

They are so cute…Before you actually place an order, you get to try up to five samples for FREE to make sure that you get the perfect color. Check out their colormatching here. This is ideal, especially if you have highlights like mine because the last thing you want is your fake hair to show!

Erinn’s Hair Journey

I’ve been highlighting my hair basically since 6th grade, professionally since high school. Needless to say I’m dealing with some very tired hair and I’ve noticed that over time it just won’t grow! I’m perpetually stuck with shoulder grazing hair when I’m dying do my fancy updos and braids. So I decided that the ” bfb up” was my new best friend. It’s basically one giant clip of hair that is super easy to throw in. I have been using it literally every day since it arrived.

Without bfb up

Not necessarily bad- I just want it to grow much faster than it is, so I can do some fun updos, especially with summer right around the corner!

With bfb up-

So with the clip-in I just have more options for putting my hair up and having a full bun or braid which makes me very happy! Maybe some day the real hair with catch up, but for now, this is my best purchase of the summer so far! I’m wearing sandy blonde.

MB’s Hair Journey

My hair is pretty close to virginal when it comes to chemicals and color-treating.  With the exception of some ill-advised golden highlights and experimental fire-engine red tips in college, I don’t dye my hair, which should mean it’s super healthy and lustrous, right? Nope, not even close.  My hair has always been baby-fine, but I had plenty of it.  But after Baby #2, all those lovely raven locks of pre- and postpartum glory just cascaded down the drain, never to return.  I have legit see-through hair now.  It takes a small artillery of trickery to mask it, but the result is definitely a lot of root teasing and sad, tiny braids. So now that I tried bfb fill-ins, I’m in love!  I have just enough extra hair to not have a runway straight to my scalp, and my braids look plump and Instagram-worthy.

Without bfb fill-ins

At first glance, it’s not a bad situation.  But upon further inspection, you can see directly through to my scalp, which stands out from beneath dark hair like glowing spectre in an otherwise black night.  And the braid looks decent, but I yanked countless strands out of place to create the slightest illusion of volume.

With bfb fill-ins

Look at that plump and juicy braid! And no direct lines of vision to my scalp to suggest I’m destined to have see-through grandma hair at 40!  I also love that this Black Berry shade matches my hair exactly.  This is going to be a game changer for my summer hair.

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